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[Show Review] PINK Stuns, Dazzles, And Astonishes A Sold Out Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

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I got home really late from the show last night – way too late to even think about sitting down and attempting to describe what I witnessed but – while I was at work today I found myself thinking about the show a lot – sure, co-workers asked me how it was and I recounted the high points of the show to them but, I just felt I wasn’t properly conveying just how special those few hours on a warmer than average November night in downtown Cleveland felt.

I’ve spent the better part of the day trying to find the word – the one descriptor that summed it all up, and I think I finally have it. Are you ready? COURAGOUS.

At the end of it all – after all the theatrics, high-flying aerobatics, and flashing lights PINK is all about having courage. The courage to be who you are. The courage to do what you want, the courage to love who and how you want, and most importantly – the courage to never have to apologize for your choices.

I know – sounds like a load of BS but – if you feel that way it’s only because you have yet to experience the sensory and adrenaline rush that comes from attending a PINK show.

Kicking off at sometime around 9 PM – PINK literally fell from the sky and got the party started with, well – GET THE PARTY STARTED. What followed was a 2 hour – 22-song tour de force of not only musical excellence but also Las Vegas-style stage production, Cirque Du Soleil level acrobatics, and Broadway-level choreography – it all adds up to over 120 minutes of entertainment that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.

To all that eye candy happening – you add PINK’s incredible voice and songs of strength, partying, love, loss, and as I mentioned above – courage – you end up not with just a show, or concert – you end up with an event – and one that you end leaving with renewed hope in what the future holds.

In a show full of nothing but high points it’s difficult to put your finger on any one moment that stands out from the rest but – in my opinion, the first six songs were probably one of the strongest opening sets I have ever heard – rolling through GET THE PARTY STARTED, RAISE YOUR GLASS, WHO KNEW, JUST LIKE A PILL, TRY, and WHAT ABOUT US – it barely left the audience time to breathe. PINK only has one gear – full-on GO!

Several other high points were F**K’N PERFECT, a sweet rendition of COVER ME IN SUNSHINE, and a high-energy production of BLOW ME (one last kiss) complete with dancing lips.

But of course – the moment everyone in the sold-out show was waiting for – when PINK straps in and flies around the entire arena during the final song – SO WHAT. I don’t care how many times you’ve seen it online, or in her concert film – nothing can prepare you for witnessing it live – it is otherworldly.

PINK brought her A-game to Cleveland on Wednesday night but something tells me that’s the only game she knows how to play.

Easily one of the top three shows I have ever seen – and I think I know about 20,000 other people who would easily support that statement.

Credit: Jimmy Davis / Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
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