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[Show Review] Don Felder Brings The Hits of the EAGLES And More To The MGM Center Stage

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On Saturday night the venue at the MGM Northfield was filled with the sounds of iconic guitarist Don Felder as he and his band performed songs from Felder’s 27-year run as a founding member of the EAGLES.

The Rock Hall inductee strolled on stage promptly at 8 PM and launched into ALREADY GONE and it was apparent that he and his massively talented backup band were there to impress – and man, did they ever.

The legacy of the EAGLES can not be understated, and Felder’s part in that legacy is firmly cemented both as a writer and performer, he further confirmed his prowess as a solo artist during a tremendous 90-minute set that spanned the 70’s, 80’s, and beyond.

Sprinkling short commentary and insight between songs, Felder let his music do most of the talking as he sprinted through his time spent with the EAGLES – we were also treated to an amazing cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s PRIDE AND JOY as well as his contribution to the film HEAVY METAL – the title track of the same name.

The sound was crisp, clean, and precise. A big part of all those EAGLE songs has always been the harmonies and this band nailed them. In no song was it more apparent than in SEVEN BRIDGES ROAD which was an impressive display of musical talent.

Another highlight, at least for me, was TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT which was dedicated to recently passed EAGLES bandmate Randy Meisner. Really great. He also dedicated Tequila Sunrise to Glenn Fry.

The bottom third of the set was the real crowd pleasers though as the band ripped through HEARTACHE TONIGHT, LIFE IN THE FAST LANE, and ended with arguably Felder’s best-known contribution HOTEL CALIFORNIA

Throughout the show, Felder must have changed guitars at least 15 times but the biggest crowd reaction came when he brought out the infamous double neck, that guitar, the Gibson Les Paul and Gibson EDS-1275 (double-neck 6 and 12 string) is legendary and to watch the man wield it live was otherworldly. The definition of classic rock, right in front of your eyes.

Felder made sure to surround himself with some amazing musicians and I have to give them all kudos for a job well done – Brett Simmons on Bass, Brian Tichy on Drums, Ty Bailey on Keyboards, and David Myhre on Guitar. I’m not sure how it would be possible to construct a better band – these dudes were on fire.

Grabbed some shots while I was there – check’em out!

Dave Dreher
Dave Dreherhttp://www.neomusicscene.com
NEO born and raised - Dave is an avid fan of music, Metal beings his genre of choice but he has also been known to be seen at pop, easy listening, and country shows. Dave is also an avid horror movie fan.

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