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If you have yet to discover the magic that is TRAGEDY – there is no better time than now as the band has just released a new album covering epic songs from female artists – of course putting their signature TRAGEDY spin on it all.

A bit of history on the band – which might help shed a little light on why this collection exists. The band originally formed as a metal BEE GEE cover band, putting 80’s and 90’s hairband bravado to such 70’s classics as Stay’in Alive, More Than A Woman, and the band’s namesake – Tragedy.

They further expanded their repertoire to include other soft rock hits of the 70s, of course giving them that gritty hair band edge and giving those old songs new life, and a completely different appeal.

Last year the band was signed by NaPalm Records and they released DISCO BALLS TO THE WALL – a collection of all the stuff they had released independently over the years, plus a couple of new covers – and that album kicks ass – you need to find it, especially if you’re old enough to remember the original artist recordings – so much fun.

That brings us to now – and the release of I AM WOMAN – also from NaPalm, and it has the boys back to their old tricks and this time classically covering recordings all made famous by amazing female performers.

Track Listing

01. Le Freak
02. I Will Survive
03. She Bop
04. Memory (feat. Mrs Smith)
05. Lay All Your Love on Me
06. Venus
07. Goldfinger
08. Respect (feat. Marcy Harriell)
09. Flashdance… What a Feeling
10. I’m So Excited
11. Here You Come Again
12. All I Wanna Do
13. I Am Woman
14. Roar

14 tracks of fun – that’s what we have right there. Here’s the thing with TRAGEDY – they really are not a novelty act – these dudes are seasoned rockers whose play and performance are equal to any metal band putting out music today and the fact that they’ve locked into this idea of re-imagining some of these classic songs should be celebrated.

I AM WOMAN is a solid exploration of musical styles and how they can be manipulated, molded, and ultimately reorganized yet still be able to maintain the thing that originally made them hit songs – their uniqueness. TRAGEDY certainly isn’t the first band to bend and manipulate genres of music but they currently are the best band out there doing it – and their efforts deserve to be heard. This second release via NaPalm Records is a solid offering that would serve well as a starting point for anyone who has not previously heard the band – and I advise you to quickly follow that up with a lengthy listening to DISCO BALLS TO THE WALL – if you’re not a fan by then – well, I can’t help it you have no musical taste.

I AM WOMAN is available now via all the normal streaming services and if you are old school and want a physical copy to actually hold in your hands – you can CLICK HERE and make that happen.

Dave Dreher
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