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MSB Tribute Band IN THE HEARTLAND Playing A Free Show In Jackson Township


If I’m being honest – I still don’t think I’ve gotten over the fact that Michael isn’t with us anymore – thankfully his music is only the flip of a switch away, and to be able to hear those great tunes again live – well, it would be special.

The band IN THE HEARTLAND, which got its start as a tribute band featuring MSB guitarist Danny Powers but now features two more original members of MSB – names you should remember – Gary Markasky, lead guitarist in the Cabin Fever, Greatest Hints era, and Michael Gismondi -bass player from Greatest Hints through the bands eventual parting are now joining Danny and the rest of the guys. On June 21st they will be playing a free show at the amazing Nash Family Amphitheater in Jackson Township.

This show is part of the Community Celebration Concert Series which means – FREE SHOW! Can’t beat that! Here’s the press release and you guessed it – all the details on in it.

“IN THE HEARTLAND is hands down the closest thing fans can get to seeing the MICHAEL STANLEY BAND live! With former MSB member Danny Powers featured, along with other former members of the original Michael Stanley Band sitting in as special guests.

IN THE HEARTLAND is more than just a tribute band, it’s the ULTIMATE MSB experience taking “tribute band” to the next level. Playing “all the hits you want to hear”, IN THE HEARTLAND celebrates Michael Stanley’s musical legacy recreated through a full concert band experience playing the songs the way fans remember hearing them during those sold out nights at Blossom.

With Michael Stanley’s full support and blessing, Kelly Derrick formed his first MSB tribute Stagepass in 1991. The most recent version of his MSB tribute was formed in 2021, as IN THE HEARTLAND continues to play to “record breaking crowds” in both Michael and Kelly’s memory.

IN THE HEARTLAND features former member of MSB Danny Powers on Lead Guitar, Eric Brooke on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Johnny Sustar on Keyboards, Bill March on Bass, Michael Scott Nelson on Drums and Mark Rasnick on Sax.

Watch for special occasion shows where ITH also welcomes former members of MSB’s bassist Michael Gismondi and guitarist Gary Markasky to the stage, as well as, former Resonator Jennifer Lee.

Do you want to see more In The Heartland? Visit the band’s Facebook page, website and YouTube Channel.

All 2024 Community Celebration concerts are FREE and NO TICKET IS REQUIRED. 

  • Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. Credit/Debit card is REQUIRED for purchases, cash is not accepted.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the venue or onto the grounds.
  • Many food trucks serving fair food and more will be available for your dining pleasure. All accept cash, most accept credit cards.
  • Bring a chair or a blanket to sit on the ground, as no permanent seating is provided.
  • No pets (animals servicing the disabled are welcomed).
  • No coolers, weapons, fireworks, smoking, vaping, umbrellas, or tents allowed.
  • Public wi-fi is not provided at the venue.”

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