Wizard World, an entire weekend full of fan-favorite comic characters, celebrity guests and live performances, is stopping in Cleveland from March 2-4 at the Huntington Convention Center. Special guests will be there all weekend to sign autographs and take pictures, including actor, musician and producer Thomas Ian Nicholas. You know him from American Pie, Rookie of the Year and Walt Before Mickey, but what you might not know, is that he seems to have his hand in just about every aspect of the entertainment industry.

This will not be Nicholas’ first Wizard World appearance. He has been a guest at the largest Wizard world gathering in Chicago which had over 150,000 attendees. Wizard World, which averages around 60,000 guests during the three-day stop in each city, is part of the well-known enterprise, Comic Con. “[Wizard World] runs over three days and you definitely want to get a three-day pass because there is just so much to see. There is something for everyone, it is definitely fun for the whole family,” Nicholas said.

Now, some of these conventions get reputations for being geared toward a very specific audience, but between the die-hard comic fans and those just looking for something different to do with friends and family, anyone can find something they are interested in. “Wizard World really just has a bit of everything, it’s not like ‘oh I am not a comic book fan’ it doesn’t matter, it is pop culture. If you have ever been exposed to mass media you will probably like Wizard World,” Nicholas said laughing, “You can meet comic book artists and some of your favorite actors from your favorite t.v. [shows] and movies and there’s a gaming section and an entertainment stage. It’s especially fun if you like Marvel and Star Wars movies.”

Some dedicated fans get even more involved in the Wizard World life by dressing like the characters; this phenomenon is called ‘cosplay.’ You can expect to see all kinds of characters over the weekend and it gets rave reviews from all ages, “There’s people walking around in full cosplay, and its part of the fun. I know that when we went to Chicago, my family came a couple of the days and when my son got done with the first day, and he goes ‘mommy that was the best day of my entire life.’

Clearly, Nicholas is known for many different projects in the entertainment industry, but he recognizes that there is three, soon to be four, ventures most people recognize him for at conventions like Wizard World. “Obviously American Pie is probably the most universal because we have done four films, it is a billion-dollar franchise, and it sort of exists in all pockets of the world. Second, Rookie of the year, especially in the Midwest and in any cities where there is a baseball team and obviously Ohio is in that pocket,” Nicholas Continues, “The third thing, as far as work that has already come out would be Walt Before Mickey, which is where I played Walt Disney.” The fourth project that he will soon be known for as well, is a new twist on the classic vampire film. He produced and starred in Living Among Us, which audiences can now view on all of the major platforms.

At Wizard World, you will find Nicholas at a table with friend and author of the Handbook for Mortals book series, Lani Sarem. Sarem is turning her series into a film which will star Nicholas. The pair will be promoting both the book and the upcoming movie next weekend. So not only can you meet him and get a photo taken with the American Pie star, you can also pick up a copy of Handbook for Mortals to prep for the release of Nicholas’ next project.

When Nicholas is not playing Walt Disney on the big screen or touring with Wizard World conventions, he has another passion that takes up a lot of his time—music. He will be playing a show, during the Wizard World weekend, at his friend’s bar, Toth’s Too, in Mentor. This is just one of the stops on the ‘Without Warning 10th Anniversary” tour. Six albums and multiple worldwide tours later, his secret to juggling it all is not sleeping. “I am in charge of my schedule and somehow it just works out. Out of the 600 shows I have done, I have only had to reschedule only a handful of them,” Nicholas said. With both acting and music as true passions of his, he is absolutely certain that there will never come a day where he will have to choose one or the other. He enjoys both enough to make it all work out.

Comic fan or not, come to Wizard World March 2-4 to meet the multitalented Thomas Ian Nicholas and see him perform live at Toth’s Too in Mentor on Friday March 2. Buying a three-day pass for Wizard World is buying a guarantee for a great time.