Among the fierce and highly competitive bands that performed in the final round of the High School Rock Off, The Waves emerged as the band to take home the coveted Cleveland Warped Tour spot! Their innovation, creativity and talent were enough to catch the judges’ eyes and crown them the champs of the 2017 Rock Off. The talented trio Montage secured the second place spot, with Time Out nabbing third place.

Every band competing in the final round was a force to be reckoned with. It was obvious that deciding the final placements would be no easy task for the panel of judges. Man Cried Wolf kicked off the night as one of the crowd’s favorites – and for good reason! Their stage presence and energy throughout their set had the crowd cheering for more by the end of their set. Assault kept things moving with a VERY impressive display of talent, proving that thrash metal deserved to be there just as much as any other genre. The Frats showed they had a lot more than perfect harmonies up their sleeves as they held on to the crowd’s attention throughout the duration of their set.

The Waves demanded attention from the beginning, entering the stage with light-up masks and high energy music to back it up. Two-time Rock Off champs First To Eleven showed that they could pick things up as well as slow them down without missing a beat, while Time Out so obviously gave a performance of a lifetime. Montage showed their passion on stage, leaving it all out there for the crowd to see and enjoy while No Good Solutions closed out the night with a banger.

Every single band throughout the finals proved that they deserved to be there. I for one was so glad I wasn’t in the judges’ shoes that night. It was definitely a difficult decision to make. The Waves emerged victorious, with Montage and Time Out following close behind. Congrats to all of the winners, and to every band that competed within the Rock Off. You can listen to songs from every band that competed in the finals at the link below:

Soundcloud – Rock Off 2017