Fans of Pierce the Veil and Ice Nine Kills, prepare for your worlds to crash in the best way possible. New Jersey quintet VANISH are set to drop their EP “From Sheep To Wolves” via Outerloop Records on July 21st, a day that will be marked as a game-changer in the post-hardcore world. Drawing influences from bands such as My Chemical Romance, Mariana’s Trench, and Sleeping With Sirens, these guys take the familiarity of some of the best bands in their genre while bringing in their own unique sound creating theatrical and energetic music that will wake up your senses and bring a breath of fresh air to post-hardcore.

Produced by Johnny Franck (Attack! Attack!) this 6-track EP is a headbanger from start to finish. The first track – “From Sheep To Wolves” – comes in at five and a half minutes long, and if you’re thinking “Man, that’s WAY too long for a song!”, then think again. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Soft and melodic to start, the track draws you in, engaging you with emotional lyrics draped over a piano-piece that sounds almost like a lullaby. About forty seconds into the song we bring in the catchy guitar riffs, picking up the tempo just slightly. Still not enough for you? Just wait. A minute and fifteen seconds in and you’ll be banging your head right along to the track. It’s an excellent start to the EP, showing off everything from vocal ranges to in-depth instrumentation with various tempo changes throughout. I don’t know many bands that can throw in some violins in the middle of a song then immediately take it back to a breakdown and make it sound THIS good. It’s easy to say that track one will leave you eager for the rest of the EP.

The second track – “Only In My Head” – is a mixture of clean/unclean vox and comes in at four and a half minutes long. The heavy screams are well balanced against a clean and catchy chorus that you will quickly learn all the words too. I’m particularly fond the instrumentation in this one. It does a wonderful job at emphasizing the emotion behind the lyrics, but not so much that it overpowers them. Track three – “Heaven Sent // Hell Bound” – starts off heavy right away, and is probably the most theatrical sounding track on the EP. You can catch the official lyric video for this track below:

Want to hear more? Check out the official video for “Dead”. I myself thoroughly enjoy the fact that Patrick Hamilton (vocals) is not holding a mic in this, and instead uses his hands to help portray his emotion throughout the song.

I don’t want to give away the entire EP, because I want you all to be as pleasantly surprised as I was. “From Sheep To Wolves” is an EP with excellent production quality, emotional lyrics, and catchy breakdowns. These guys know how to take the post-hardcore genre and run with it. VANISH is definitely a band to keep your eyes and ears on. I expect big things from these guys over the course of the year. Make sure to check them out on all of their socials, and pre-order “From Sheep To Wolves” at the link below!

VANISH consists of:
Patrick Hamilton – Vocals
Nick Perrone – Drums
Bobby Miller – Guitar
Justin Beacham – Guitar
Jack Hinson – Bass


You can pre-order the EP here: