The Venue
The Columbus Ohio Newport Music Hall is an easy place to find with the convenience of a parking garage across the street so we don’t have to slug through whatever weather is that evening! The building itself is disgustingly beautiful. I say that in the best way, really. Since the building was originally the Agora Ballroom in the 1970s, the original decor is still intact. By decor, I mean beautiful designs carved into the wall with nice marble as structure accents. Now the building is a Promowest music venue baby! Which results in the building going through the rock n roll lifestyle.

The Openers
Brat Curse is a Columbus homegrown band that earned their slot in this show! Yes, their name matches their face-melting punk music that they play with electric running their fingertips. That is an interesting site to see and glad I gotta catch em at a Twin Peaks show, representing! If you enjoy the sound of scratching punk guitar feedback placed just right and hanging off a high wire, then they are just right for you. Talk about a hot mess! Check out their new LP Control/Ride 7”  listen to their EPs here!

The Districts is a Pennsylvania-borne band that has out three albums out since 2015, moving and playing as much as they desire! A Flourish and a Spoil, EP was released in 2015– following came a live LP in 2016 and the new and improved EP: Popular Manipulations that recently was released and showcases the exponential growth of the bands sound unity. They were the cleanest band at the show and completely blown everyone away with their hypnotizing, meaningful music that frees one mind without bias attributes.

A beautiful sight  I saw that night was a looking into the “pit” in front of the stage to see a girl, innocent and feeling free. She close and opens her eyes to embrace the feeling the song brings her and behind her comes a boy crowd surfing. She is uncomfortable for a bit with this guy crossing her head, but to her, it was bearable cause when it was over, she went to her happy place again.

Seeing this showed that this music grasps the meaning of life; embracing and bearing the rain to enjoy the sunset, covering us with gold.  

The Headliner
Twin Peaks! The indie-rock band from Chicago, formed in 2010 and the building blocks of the crew are Cadien Lake James, Jack Dolan, Clay Frankel, Connor Brodner, and Colin Croom. These dudes are all bite and no bark and never flex and let their music talk for them and you may be surprised by what you hear out of them. They’re like a modern Velvet Underground with influences of all the great “they” like: The Stones, The Zombies, and The Kinks! Now I’m not surprised why I’m a big fan of Twin Peaks since those are my top favorite bands!

Twin Peaks has an energy to their music that exudes: happiness, silliness, coolness, worry less and all around not giving a crap and having honest fun! Definitely, a grounding band full of nerds that play music for themselves and their fans and I got all this information come to me at this very show and it was my first, so no bias here.

Since they’ve been making albums since they were 18 years old with Sunken being the debut album and then follows: Wild Onion in 2014 and 2016’s Down in Heaven— they’ve learned some lessons over the years and we can hear that life in the writing of the collection: Sweet ‘17 singles. The tracks show the acceptance of tragedy that is not able and not meant to be understood and finding freedom in that instead of embracing the sad side of life. No wonder I feel happy when I listen to these tunes! They are the sound of understanding the equation of life happiness!