Instantly upon arriving at The Q, we were greeted with an abundance of excitement. With a joyful crowd gathered in the arena, the buzzing only got louder as time went on. After the lights finally dimmed in accordance to Train’s entrance, and colors lit up the screen in the front of the stage.

As Train entered the stage, while indulging in the roar of every person’s voice in the arena, the first song began. After a few songs passed, we were welcomed with an acoustic song specifically dedicated to lead singer Patrick Monahan’s mother who passed away not long ago. To bring the mood to a higher and more pleasurable atmosphere, an upbeat classic tune hit us, along with the collective outburst of 12 beach balls of several different sizes being bounced from person to person on the floor level of the arena.

Our hearts began to thrive over the idea that Hall & Oates were actually about to grace us with their melodic presence. With an amazing digital show entrance to their set, we were instantly spinning with glimpses of records from all their greatest hits. Seeing the records fly around in circles gave the most nostalgic vibe we’ve yet to experience from live music. With a continuously warm, and throwback show feeling all edges of our existence, we can genuinely say that the Train and Hall & Oates tour is absolutely unforgettable.