The Buzzbin Music Shop in downtown Canton took a trip back in time on Friday night when throwback headbangers Tragedy strutted into the venue and added some balls to the music of the Bee Gees – and select other songs from the era. If you’re not familiar with Tragedy – they’ve taken the hits of the mid to late 70’s – particularly those from the Bee Gees and thrown the heavy metal sound of Motley Crue behind them and have created something that must be heard to be believed.

It was a three-band kind of night at Buzzbin and first up were Haulin Oats – a fun, in your face quartet of dudes that like Tragedy likes to add their own special metal twist on pop music and they do it very, very well. Of particular interest was their rousing rendition of Cee Lo Green’s “F You”. So much better with a metal edge!

Next up was a band I had never heard of – The Intangibles. Hailing from Massillon Ohio these guys have crafted a sound that quite frankly – I’m not sure how to explain to you, how about Jazz with a metal edge? No, that doesn’t quite do it. Jethro Tull meets Joe Satriani? No – shit, I give up. The Intangibles sound may not be for all but there is no denying that these four individuals are some of the most talented working the local scene right now and together they have found a groove and created a sound like none I’ve ever heard before. You need to experience them for yourself and that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish as the band plays in the area frequently. Check out their Facebook page – pick a show and go get schooled.

With a flashing police light and the wail of sirens – Tragedy hit the stage a little after 11 PM and brought their glammed-up versions of Bee Gee’s hits and Neil Diamond hits and a myriad of other 70’s fare to life. Opening with their namesake song – “Tragedy” –that quite frankly I love much more as a metal song then it’s pop counterpart – the band launched into an over the top set that featured a stage show filled with glitter and raunchy fun. What’s not to love?

Of course, the music of the Bee Gees is front and center but no popular song from that era goes unscathed. The Neil Diamond hit “Sweet Caroline” gets kicked up a few notches – wonder what the Grease soundtrack hit “You’re The One That I Want” would sound like as a shredding metal anthem? Got the answer to that question for you.

From the running gag with their idiot towel boy to the never-ending sexual innuendo – it all just works but at its core what makes it work is the band’s undeniable talent. These guys are without a doubt the kings of disco-metal.

Tragedy is:

Disco Mountain Man — lead vocals, lead back-up vocals, lead keyboards, lead cowbell
Mo’Royce Peterson — lead vocals, lead back-up vocals, lead lead guitar
Andy Gibbous Waning — lead bass, lead vocals, lead back-up vocals
Garry Bibb — lead guitar, lead back-up vocals
The Lord Gibbeth — lead drums, lead vocals
Lance — towel boy, complete idiot

The band is out on the streets pimping their latest release The Joy Of Sex. You can (and should) hit up the bands website and check out all their releases, tour dates and videos.