Cinderella front man, Tom Keifer played to a sold out Hard Rock Rocksino on Friday the 13th. Keifer is out supporting his 2013 solo debut The Way Life Goes. Backed by a tight four-piece band, Tom and the boys tore through all of the Cinderella classics as well as a nice mix of new songs.

Keifer has come a long way since being diagnosed with a paralyzed left vocal cord in 1992. After multiple surgeries, years of therapy and vocal exercises, Tom has his voice in top shape. Unlike some of his contemporaries, the 54-year old managed to hit the screams and high notes all night long.

The band entered the dark stage while “Bad Seamstress Blues” was being pumped through the speakers. Tom and his crew dove right in to “Falling Apart at the Seams” from Cinderellas triple platinum album Long Cold Winter.

Two songs from his solo LP, the rocking “Its Not Enough” and a more country-tinged “A Different Light” displayed Kiefers versatility as a song writer. Cinderella often gets lumped in with many of the 80s hair metal bands because of their glammed out appearance on their first album cover. However, once you get past the look youll find many great rock songs as well as some bluesy numbers; this formula continues on his solo album.

Things got rocking again rather quickly as back-to-back songs from Cinderellas debut were played. “Somebody Save Me” and the bands first hit single “Shake Me” had the crowd headbanging and fist pumping. The middle of the set saw Tom and the band slow things a bit as acoustic guitars were brought out to play “Heartbreak Station” and “The Flower Song.” Keifer then brought out his wife, Savannah Snow to help him sing an acoustic version of the ballad “Don’t Know What You’ve Got.”

The mini-acoustic set ended half way through “Nobody’s Fool” as the band switched from their acoustic to electric guitars. A trifecta of Cinderella tunes ended the first set as “Night Songs”, “Coming Home” and “Shelter Me” were all played to perfection.

After a brief exit, the band came back to play a three song encore which included a cover of The Stones “It’s Only Rock and Roll” and an excellent rendition of Joe Cocker’s version of “With a Little Help From My Friends.”  Tom bid the audience good night with a great rendition of “Gypsy Road.”

In a classy move, Tom pointed out the French Tri-Color that he put on his sleeve to honor the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris. He told everyone that he didnt want to bring everyone down at the start of the show, but he did want to acknowledge that he was aware of the situation and that he was thinking of them and that we should be united with France. The crowd roared with approval.

Former Warrant guitarist, Billy Morris opened the show by paying tribute to Jani Lane, the bands former singer. Although the band sounded good and Billy did a nice job singing the Warrant hits, the tribute could have been much tighter. Billy was working the audience way too much which made it seem more about him, instead of being about Jani. Even though he told the audience a few times that he wasn’t making any money off of the gig (a bit trite), a nice tight thirty-minute set would have been more appropriate instead of the disconnected fifty minutes they displayed.

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