What do you get when you get members of Judas Priest, TSO, Testament, and Fates Warning all together in one band?  You get Spirits of Fire – and damn, do they rock.  Got their first video for one of the tracks off their upcoming self-titled album.  The song is titled Light Speed Marching and if you haven’t yet clicked on the video above – stop what you’re doing and handle that right now.

Ok – not that you’ve heard the band – here’s what we know about their debut release.  Hitting on  February 22 from Frontiers Music Srl the album will feature 11 tracks – as follows:

01. Light Speed Marching
02. Temple Of The Soul
03. All Comes Together
04. Spirits Of Fire
05. It’s Everywhere
06. A Game
07. Dispensable
08. Meet Your End
09. Never To Return
10. The Path
11. Alone In The Darkness

Being described as “Judas Priest meets Savatage” I would have to agree that  – that pretty much sums this up.  Ripper sounds great – and the rest of the band is on freaking fire.  This one just moved way up on the “most anticipated for 2019” list.