This morning watchful DC Talk fans were greeted with the news that many have been waiting 16 years to hear.

The intermission is over.

DC Talk has announced they will reunite on the JesusFreak Cruise. The only details that are known about the cruise is that it will take place on July 11-15 of 2017 and that it seems to have been designed around this reunion show. The announcement gave no detail as to if the reunion will extend past the cruise dates or where the cruise itself is sailing to. Details were made even more obscure as fans, rushing to book a cabin on the cruise, crashed the website server within minutes of the announcement.

The announcement was met with mixed reviews from fans. Some were excited that the classic Christian rock group was ending their nearly 16 year hiatus. Others however, felt let down about the announcement. Many expected a reunion performance or tour that was more accessible to fans who may not be able to go on a cruise.

In any case, this announcement leaves room for much larger events, tours, and did the one thing that fans have been begging for since the hiatus started. This announcement ended the intermission.