The Cult invaded the Hard Rock Rocksino on March 29th playing to a near-capacity audience.  The band is touring in support of their latest release Hidden City; they dedicated five of the new album’s songs to their seventeen song set list. The crowd responded enthusiastically to each new track as they seamlessly fit in with their other classic songs.

Two original members of the band, Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, were in fine form from the start. They opened the show with “Dark Energy” from the new LP and segued into the hit “Rain” from the 1985 album Love.

The usually-stoic Ian Astbury was in a surprisingly-jovial mood as he talked to the audience between songs, telling an occasional story and even removing his sunglasses from time-to-time to get a better look at the crowd.

Billy Duffy, his counterpart, let his guitar speak for him.  Some guitarists have a very distinct sound, and when you hear a few chords, you know exactly who it is; Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen and Angus Young easily come to mind.  When Billy Duffy picks up his signature Gretsch Black Falcon, you know that it’s him.  What a great tone.

“Sweet Soul Sister” and “Fire Woman” were played at the end of the first set.  Instead of going with three big hits in a row they smartly played a new tune “The Phoenix” before closing the set with “She Sells Sanctuary.”

Before the band left the stage, Astbury told the audience “If you want to hear more music, please put down your cell phones!”

Shockingly, most in the audience did.

Upon returning, Ian mentioned that a British astronaut that is currently in the International Space Station, played “She Sells Sanctuary” the other day in outer space.  It blows his mind that his “little song” made it, literally, out of this atmosphere.

“G.O.A.T.” (Greatest Of All Time)and the iconic “Love Removal Machine” ended the encore. It left everyone satisfied but still wanting, of course, a little more.

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