Downtown Akron seems like the perfect place to hold a resurrection- the Lock 3 area – of which the beautiful Akron Civic Theater is a major part, is a gem in the rehab of downtown Akron and veteran rockers Puddle of Mudd and Saliva brought their Resurrection Tour to town and shook the rafters of the classic venue.

With five bands on the ticket – it was going to be a loud, sweaty night of headbanging and things kicked off on time and none of the bands disappointed. A large crowd was in the mood to party – and you bet your ass – the party was on.

As mentioned, this tour has been labeled the Resurrection Tour and the ticket supports such a title.  Though hard rocking and sharing more then their fair share of hits – this collection of talent has also had more than its fair share of drama and issues.  But, I’m not here to recount past sins, this is about rockers born anew and both Saliva and Puddle of Mudd brought their A games.

Keeping things simple and to the point – Saliva simply walked out on stage and kicked major ass.  No fancy stage tricks, just in your face, melt your shoes off metal.  Saliva’s set was short – 7 quick songs – but full of power and they certainly hit all the high points of the band’s career to date with the final two songs – Click, Click, Boom and Your Disease wrapping up the tight, heavy set perfectly. They always say, leave the stage with them wanting more – Salvia hit that nail right on the head.

As if wanting to keep the energy from the Saliva set locked in the room – the set change was quick and before anyone knew it – Wes Scantlin and his line up were on the stage and blasting out the opening rifts of Control – this current line up has been together since 2014 and you can tell that they are comfortable and having fun on stage. Scantlin looks and sounds great – probably the best I’ve ever heard him honestly.

Much like Saliva, they kept it tight, loud and without much fanfare, letting the music do their talking for them. A true show stand out was a rip-roaring version of She Hates Me – always has been a great live song but on this night – it took on a life of its own. An amazing concert performance of an honestly great song.

Scantlin and crew ended the evening with a great version of their biggest hit to date – Blurry. I’ve heard them perform this song a number of times and by far – hands down – this was the best it has ever sounded.

Clean and sober Scantlin is a wonderful thing to behold and I truly hope he’s got his issues under control because based on what I witnessed, there is no stopping this man and his band if he can keep it together. An amazing talent with so much more to give, when the tour makes it anywhere near you, make a point of being there.