We Talk And Chew With The Crew Of Mr. Carnivore


Northeast Ohio has a history of producing groundbreaking, genre-defining music acts – Devo, The Black Keys, The Michael Stanley Band, Red Sun Rising and following hot on the heals of those trendsetters are Mr. Carnivore.  Feauring brothers Joey LaGuardia and Pat  LaGuardia, Mike Pappas and Kevin Hannah – they are crafting a sound that is winning over fans and grabbing attention all over the North Coast.

So, I got the band together and we have a talk about their music, their upcoming debut album and the soon to be released new single – KNEES – but…….

Before you click on the video and give it a whirl – a funny story for you.  So, the bands name is Mr. Carnivore (and we get into how that name came to be) but the funny thing is that while we were recording the interview – someone was living up to the band name and consuming like a T-Rex as we talked. You are not going to be able to not notice the endless chewng but seriously – the bands name is Mr. Carnivore – exactly what did you expect?

So as you listen – and you hear the sound of poor defensless chips (or crackers, or whatever the hell it was) being masticated – remember, in Mr. Carnivore land – we are all meat eaters and when a mans gotta eat, a man gotta eat.

You’re going to notice a few rough edits but all kidding aside, the rest of the interview is so good and so enlightening – it’s worth weathering some good-natured crunching.  So, settle in and get ready to be consumed by Mr. Carnivore.

A great group of guys who we are going to be hearing so much from in the coming years.  You’re going to want to CLICK HERE and bookmark their webpage – and HERE to give their Facbook page a like.

You definately need to give the video for Hot Air Balloon a look see.