It is a match made in concert promotion fantasy. The Looking For America Tour Part 2 featuring Switchfoot and Canton Ohio’s own Relient K will make their way to Cleveland. After their Looking For America Part 1 Tour steam rolled any expectations in Columbus, this dynamic duo will now take on the city of Rock and Roll. The Looking for America Tour is set to come through the Cleveland House of Blues on Thursday, February 16, 2017. NEO Music Scene’s Egypt Ali had the chance to sit down with Switchfoot’s Jerome Fontamillas to discuss the tour as well as his hopes and expectations for the band moving forward.

Jerome describes his journey to joining the band as rather comedic. “Yea!” he laughed, “I actually had a job at a corporate office. On my first day, Jon called and said ‘ Hey! I’ve got a band and we need a keyboard player’ and the first thing that I said was no. But on my second day at work, I found that I hated my job and called him back to take him up on his offer. I’ve been with the band ever since.”

The Looking For America Tour began last year as a push for the band’s newest album Where the Light Shines Through. While Switchfoot’s iconic sound of rock and roll fused with a surfer’s edgy lyrics were still evident in the releases’ tracks, there was something different. The music itself sounded like an anthem. Jerome was able to shed some light of his own on this saying, “ You know, this is our tenth album. Honestly we’re still trying to figure ourselves out. Whether or not to keep going. We had to decide what we were going to do from here, and those songs were what came out of that period.” The important thing that stems from each of the emotions that were so heavily laced into the album is that the band is to be able to convey that to an audience. On the subject of live shows Fontamillas remarked, “The show definitely changes every night. The energy, the room, the venue. We can’t keep those the same. We’ve played one day in an arena and the next in a club, but its our job, and quite honestly an adventure to keep that same energy and have fun doing it.” Jerome added, “We have moments on stage that feel like controlled chaos. That aspect didn’t take very long to prefect. There’s a certain amount of chaos you can throw in, but then all of our personalities combine. You have Jon who is the songwriter and the voice of our band. Tim, our bassist and insanely good at keeping us on track along with Chad on drums. Then Drew Shirley, our guitar player, who is, uh, our clown of the band. When all of that comes together its like playing with family. The audience becomes a part of the reunion and we just have a great time.”

What’s great for people who saw the first leg of Looking For America and are on the fence about going again is that Jerome is right: It is never the same show twice. Always a different experience and a different energy around this band. No matter how many times someone has seen this tour, it is always worth another trip. Jerome concludes, “The tour is called Looking for America, but I always question what we are looking for when we say that. What I am hoping to find people who are passionate for something. It’s not about politics. Its trying to find people that really care about this country. What we’ve found is, well, there are a lot of people out there that are passionate about this country, and also very aggressive in their political standings. That gives me hope. There are people who want to stand up for what they believe and people who are concerned. We looked for America, and I’m happy to say we found it.”


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