The appropriately named “Good Vibes” tour, gave both longtime, loyal fans and the very newest fans something to sing along to. He jammed out to everything from his 2002 hit, The Remedy (I Won’t Worry), to music that he released this year in preparation for his new album.

A beautifully colorful tapestry was the backdrop of the otherwise simple stage, which was well representative of his laid-back nature. Mraz and his band members each wore solid colored utility-like jumpsuits, each one a different color which matched those on the tapestry behind them.

A unique highlight of the night was some of the eclectic people in the audience. My attention was split between focusing on the funky dance moves that Mraz and his incredibly talented band continued through the night, and the interesting moves of some fans in the audience. One woman’s dancing got quite carried away, so much so that security asked her to tone it down a bit. It was almost hypnotic the way the music invaded these people and urged them to move and dance. Mraz definitely has the ability to connect with his fans on a deeper, meaningful level.

Aside from a one or two songs worth of sound issues, the show was close to perfect, which is why I am still confused about the level of energy the audience presented. There were only two types of fans at the show: dancing so much that security had to step in, or completely dead. There seemed to be no in between.

From the time the gates opened to about a third of the way through the show, the whole crowd was clearly thrilled that the night to be serenaded by Mraz was finally here. However, for many, the energy was quick to fade. More than half of the relatively young crowd seated with their heads in their hands, even yawning at times, with quite a few songs left in the setlist.

Mraz did not let the energy—or lack thereof—in the audience stop him from putting on a worthwhile show for his Cleveland fans. It was impossible to have left the concert with anything but a smile on your face and songs in your head.

A perfect summer breeze swept off of the river and through the waterfront venue, making it a perfect evening to take in such a great performance.

Mraz is only two tour stops into the “Good Vibes” tour, so if you could not make it to Friday’s show, it is absolutely worth the trip to another stop nearby.