Stevie Nicks brought her 24 Karat Gold Tour to Youngstown’s Covelli Centre on Friday for an evening full of stories and great music.  It’s hard to believe that Miss Nicks is approaching 70; she doesn’t look it and her voice certainly doesn’t sound like it.  

Nicks set the tone early by kicking off the show with “Gold and Braid,” a song that didn’t make the cut from her first solo album Bella Donna.  She would say during the show that the setlist was full of deep album cuts and “songs that didn’t make it on an album, for whatever reason.”  She also mentioned that she would be telling stories of how some songs came to be or the inspiration behind them.

In one story, she was saying that she wanted to do a solo album but she promised the band that she wouldn’t be leaving Fleetwood Mac.  She then went out and asked if she could join Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  However, she found out that there was an unwritten rule by Petty that females could not be in the Heartbreakers.

Undeterred, she opted for the next best thing and hired Tom Petty’s producer, Jimmy Iovine to produce her first solo record so it could at least sound like a Heartbreakers record.  As it turned out, Nicks and Iovine began dating and Iovine convinced Petty to not only give Stevie a song, but he also had the Heartbreakers play on it.  

So Stevie thanked Tom Petty for giving her “Stop Draggin My Heart Around” which became her first solo hit.

It was stories like this that made the evening fun and entertaining.

It wasn’t just the stories, but it was also the music.  Backed by a great band, including long time collaborator and guitarist Waddy Wachtel, these musicians played the songs flawlessly throughout the evening.

It was great hearing song like “If Anyone Falls,” “Enchanted,” and “Bella Donna” performed live.  She even dug up “Crying In The Night” from the Buckingham Nicks album which was released in 1973.  Not to make anyone feel old, but Stevie noted that the song was probably written in 1969 or 1970.

Nicks had a theme throughout the show which was to “never give up on your dreams.”  She mentioned this several times during the course of the evening.  At one point she said “I feel that I’m free and I’m able to sing the songs that I want.”  She said that these songs are “like the book of my life.”

There were plenty of hits in her set as well.  “Gypsy,” and “Edge Of Seventeen” were two songs that particularly stood out.

At the end of “Stand Back,” Nicks told the story of how she wrote a poem over Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” and decided to call him to see if she could use the song.  He happened to be in LA at the time and arrived to the studio 15 minutes later.  He listened to her song and said “he loved it” and decided to lay down some guitar and keyboard parts.  He then disappeared 20 minutes later, taking off in a purple Camero.  She said it was like magic.

The show closed with two Fleetwood Mac classics “Rhiannon” and the ever popular “Landslide,” which left the the Covelli Centre audience twirling and spinning to their cars.

Vanessa Carlton opened the show with her hit “A Thousand Miles” and continued to play an impressive seven song set from her piano.