One of the newest rock hot spots in Northeast Ohio is the Buzzbin Art and Music venue in the beautifully renovated area of Downtown Canton, Ohio.  The once vacant storefronts are now filled with art shops, high-end restaurants and now a first class rock club. 

In a continuous effort to bring top-tier entertainment to the area, the Buzzbin will play host to the unique internet sensations Okilly Dokilly, an all Ned Flanders metal band (or as they call it, a Nedal Band) hailing from Springfield via Phoenix Arizona.  Sporting the classic Ned Flanders look, a well-groomed man-stache, round-rimmed glasses and pink shirt topped with a green sweater, these five musicians thrash with the best of them.


Don’t try and act like you’re not intrigued. 

Out on tour promoting their current release Howdilly Doodilly – the band will pull into Canton on Tuesday, June 6th and proceed to rock the city in the way that only they can. 

The show will also feature Beatallica  – a four-member band who combines Beatles songs and Metallica songs for a one of a kind music experience.  Featuring songs like “The Thing That Should Not Let It Be” and “And Justice For All My Loving”, I think you get the idea of where this is going. 

Tickets are still available and you can lock up your addmission for a mere $8, if you wait till the day of the show it’s going to cost you $10  – just click here and book that ticket to Springfield.