Review by: Lotus Reigns

Kid Rock rolls to the home stage of Quicken Loans Arena, on February 24th as part of the American Rock n Roll Tour 2018 and proceeded to remind us all why “His name is Kid!” with a high octane set that showcased the past and highlighted the future.

First though – let’s talk about the opening band.

A Thousand Horses is a great choice to have on tour with Kid Rock. When the band came on stage to do their thing, I was blown away by the light show, the sound quality, and their motherfu@$ing attitude! The performing energy was very warm and happy with excitement and just a dash of danger, which is what this show is all about. Now let me take you there and explain the moment. After their first song, the frontman -Michael Hobby and one of the guitarists – Bill Satcher, grace down the isle of the stage and Mr. Hobby announces, “Welcome to the American Rock n Roll show!” That ques the guitarist to riff out some classic, iconic, rock n roll licks! That gets the audience warmed up like professionals, and now!

What really stood out to me with their set was the transitions between songs and how they were smooth like homemade butter! I swear, those guys did not stop playing their instrument(s) once during their time on stage! What that reminded me of was how Led Zepp would keep playing during a live show to keep the mood flowing from high to low and back again. As I said before, a great choice for the tour, but I didn’t realize there was more in store for this amazed audience!

It is so enjoyable when I can go to a show and the people I run into are kind and cool. That’s one of my favorite and most important aspects of enjoying a show, like tonight. Every person I met was polite and treated others how they’d like to be treated. 

Let’s keep rolling! On the stage, we see a huge, white curtain and nothing else, which is the point! We hear Kid Rock and the band, not knowing if it’s a recording or not. This is dragged out longer than I expected but there is a purpose to what’s happening. During a song, we hear “Cleveland!” sung to the tune and knew that Kid Rock was singing live. Keep in mind, we can’t see the wizard behind the curtain! Projected on the screen is an image of a gas tank meter but said ‘F@#k Tank.’ This made me laugh and what made it better is that the levels would fluctuate during the classic rock tunes! Let me tell you, everybody was standing and getting, not just warmed up, but oh so HOT!

The white sheet is getting lit with laser lights, there are alarms in the air for the grand entrance! And as quick and sharp as a slap in the face– the sheet is whipped away like a giant magician hand grabbed it! Explosions happen! Lovely ladies upside down on silver poles! Kid Rock’s name in bright lights behind the intense band, just ready to give it to us!

Outcomes Kid Rock in his feathered rock n roll rags, kicking like a wicked chicken and shouts to the crowd: “Welcome to the greatest show on Earth!” On that cue, BOOM!– flames shoot up to the sky, the dancers slide down, and everyone on stage just– FREEZES! The audience is in shock right now, I’m sure. Because we did not know what to do after the explosions happened and the performers just stopped and posed– looking at our dropped jaws! After a hot second, the crowd roars. Then every performer on stage kept moving and playing the intro song like the audience just pressed paused earlier!

As the show flows, there’s an onstage, outfit change for the two dancers and Kid Rock because what’s a senator without his crispy jacket and ladies wearing only white-collar button-ups, holding the American flag!? During the set change, a podium is put on for Kid Rock. The president theme song comes on the speakers while Kid Rock makes his running, political speech. I would tell all you readers out there everything he said in his entertaining and pointful speech but it’s better in person! The end of the speech he says “One nation, under God. I scream up: ‘Kid Rock for president’ see the president in the office like a g. You never seen a motherfu@#ker like me!” Then, of course, the song plays on.

There is a purpose for every light and movement, of any kind on stage that keeps the show on the road. For instance; if Kid Rock was off stage for a costume change, the band is there to keep ya’ll company and it’s really good company. Especially when they cover part of Cat Scratch Fever and other legends. There is also humor crafted into the show to keep it up and lifted! I nearly fell over laughing after all the loud and extreme explosives went off, then it fell quiet and all I see is the happiest, cheechin, bongo player I’ve ever seen, into the next funky song! On top of that, back up singers gilded downstage near Kid rock during the song: “Wasting Time” singing their solos like they live on stage. Kid Rock jokes: “here’s that Justin Beiber bull shit.” Then all the singers danced in a line like a boy band! I’ve never been to a rock show that entertains like lemons and squeezes, with purpose, to make a sugary cocktail out of every moment.

When you go to his show, you will experience the fourth wall breaking down in front of your very own eyes and see the DJ talk real smack about his friend Bobby… I mean Kid Rock. Wink. Wink. Doing this adds to the purpose and genuine quality to the show to make everyone smile and salute to being yourself and to not letting any son of a nut put you in a box!

Everyone should see this show, it has everything you could ever crave in a show! Here’s some advice: choose to see him at his own show rather than a festival because that’s where you get the entire feast!

To recap and remind; A Thousand Horses is one for the books that can really get down and I’m excited about their new album Bridges! Not only did I enjoy them but also the staff at the arena! They are so kind and very professional, I don’t know how they do it, but they do! Also, if you don’t know, Kid Rock’s album is out and called: Sweet Southern Sugar, now you know. But you didn’t hear it from me!