If you know me at all then you are already aware of the fact that I honestly believe that Akron Ohio based rockers Devilstrip are already well on their way to being the next Red Sun Rising.  They have the sound, they have the talent and as the VIP event held Friday night at the Empire Concert Club proved – they have the fan base.

The band’s second album just came out via Broken Road Records and this event was the official launch.  The band had not played out since the fall of 2017 – concentrating all their efforts into getting this latest release – Gravitate – absolutely perfect. Friday night they brought that album, in it’s entirety to the live show stage and blew the roof of the joint clear across the street.

A special show, for a special night – the band went track by track, performing the songs and then going in-depth into the meaning and process in creating each track – at times hilarious and crazy and at other times heart wrenching and thought provoking- much like life itself.

This band wears its heart on its sleeve – it’s about truth and life and love and loss and everything that makes life worth living and their live performances blast all that right into your face.  Much like the album that the evening’s songs were pulled from, the night was filled with surprises as the fan interaction was nonstop.  Attendees were encouraged to fill out note cards with questions that the band could answer at various points throughout the night.  As you can imagine – that got interesting.

But – at the end of it all, this evening was all about the music and the friendships that this band has built.  It was billed as a special VIP event and it more than lived up to its billing.  Devilstrip will be out and about all summer, getting the word out about Gravitate, I can not urge you strongly enough to give them a visit on Facebook, find out when they are going to be nearest you and then treat yourself to a live performance.

This trio’s star is just starting to rise – catch them in a smaller, intimate setting while you still can.

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