Almost instantaneously, we were greeted by the raw vocals of Bad Wolves upon entering the arena. The crowd began to buzz, letting out just how excited they were to be at Rupp Arena. Shortly after leaving the stage, Starset then took over. With their new unique vibe and sci-fi based music shocking everyone inside, and outside of the building. The music they brought to the stage absolutely electrifyingly rocked us to our core. Lastly, we were greeted by the pure insanity in 5 Finger Death Punch’s set. Rather than giving the crowd what they wanted, we were greeted with an abundance of that they wanted. Whether it be standing their ground and supporting the troops, and our American flag, or telling the man on the spotlight to chill it out, 5 Finger Death Punch gave us a one of a kind show with plenty to talk about.

All in a brief moment the light vanished from our view of the stage. As our eyes adjusted, nobody could’ve been the slightest bit prepared for what we were about to experience. As we were propelled from our seats to an out of world event, we were more than astoundingly forever pinned to this very second in our lives. As the sound of alarms and someone exclaiming ‘Attention! Attention!’ Greeted us with an intricate laser show on the white screen covering us from what was about to happen. The crowds excitement could hardly be contained behind the gated front, as they all pushed to see the intro.

As the white screen melted into the floor, Shinedown greeted us all with thrilling vocals and fierce instrumentals. In exchange, the band was equally greeted with the most exhilarating mass of euphoric souls to enter the Arena. With graceful acknowledgement, Brent Smith greeted us, stating “Boys and girls, welcome!”. With such a uniquely engaging introduction, we were immediately captivated by the flowing charismatic vibe brought to us.

Being sure to acknowledge and greet even the photographers by stopping them and shaking their hands, the salutation we received is absolutely haunting our minds repetitively even a lengthy two days following Shinedown’s arrival. The passionate untreated respect could be valued from even the furthest seat. Whether it be Eric’s ecstatic energy on bass, Zach’s thrilling guitar riffs, Barry’s energetic drum solos, or Brent’s beautifully chaotic vocals you’re promised the most indigenous encounter of a lifetime.