Shinedown Demands Your ‘Attention, Attention’

After a lengthy three years, Shinedown announced their newest album, ATTENTION ATTENTION which has most definitely caught ours. With their ghosting social media platforms all changing to black backgrounds, it threw the rock bands’ followers off as to what was going on. 
The newest released single from the album is DEVIL, which shows a heavier, intense, and ‘older’ Shinedown vibe as opposed to their most previous album Threat to Survival, which ended up being a more mainstream synthetic rock feel. As well as the change in sound, the yellow for the album art, which is a first for the band.
As if that wasn’t enough, along with the single they also released a full music video with it. The video starts out in silence with eerie shadows passing by walls, then revealing an empty chair and telephone in a dimly lit room after a man knocks on the door. The man then enters and sits, facing the phone while hearing banging on the walls. Then fires in Brent Smith’s (vocalist) intense recognizable voice shouting “Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!” It’s safe to say this album speaks very figuratively in regards to the relevance of the music video.
We’re feeling hopeful so far toward the rest of this album, which will be released May 4th, 2018. Until then -check out the single DEVIL.