You would never know by being in attendance at Saturday nights Shania Twain show at The Q that this iconic country/pop music songstress was performing to a Cleveland crowd for the first time in almost two decades.  Fan expectation was high and the place was packed.

There were a lot of surprises ahead for attendees of this “comeback” performance.  Twain is out in support of her new album – NOW, her first release in quite a while.

The first surprise of the evening came as Shania entered the hall – making her way through the crowd as her drummer stood on a stage at the back of the hall – pounding out a We Will Rock You beat as she meandered and made her way to the stage and opened the show with Things Are About To Get Good – a feel-good track from the NOW album.  The stage show was quite the production – full of Vegas-style glitz and glamour.

From dancers to wardrobe changes – it had all the trappings of a high tech residency at a fancy hotel.  The production aspect was top notch with giant video cubes moving, rising, falling and repositioning themselves with almost every song. The new songs went over well with the crowd but without a doubt – the hits from the early years were the reason most all were in attendance and Twain did not disappoint.

Tearing through a massive 21 song set – Shania hit all the high points. Come On Over, Up, Don’t Be Stupid, That Don’t Impress Me Much, Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under – each classic hit brought the fandom to a higher pitch.

At one point – Twain finds herself suspended from the ceiling – the crowd enraptured with their cell phones in hand – made the arena sparkled and gleam – an old but effective trick and still a sight to behold.

Without a doubt, the centerpiece songs of the evening were From This Moment and Your Still The One – with the audience singing every note along with the performer. 

My only wish for the show is that it would have been a bit more intimate.  The large stage and all the production going on seemed to at times swallow Shania – I found myself losing track of her on more than one occasion.  It might seem a bit nit-picky but – the show seemed incredibly polished – maybe too polished – if that makes any sense.

With that being said though – the performance was totally and completely enjoyable and it is fantastic to see Shania back out on the road and it was great to hear the classic hits and see the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Twain is in the midst of a Worlds Tour – you should click here if you want to see when she might be making her way nearer to you.