What a beautiful week it has been, Cleveland! All of my free time this week was dedicated to being in the sunshine and I made the perfect playlist to do so. My top picks on this lovely Saturday morning are sure to add some fun to your weekend.

Bed // Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande

These absolutely bad a** artists make magic every time they come together. This is their fifth collaboration, and it does not disappoint. A music video dropped along with the release of Bed and it is a masterpiece and the epitome of girl power. The two are each leading their genres, Grande is the princess of pop and Minaj has been the top female rapper for almost a decade.

Cross My Mind Pt. 2 // ARIZONA feat. Kiiara

ARIZONA first released Cross My Mindon their 2017 debut album, and it was not a collaboration. They added Kiiara’s vocals on the second go of the song, elevating the original song to a new level. Kiiara is no stranger to the featuring position. Kiiara is a breathy left-of-center pop singer and has plenty of fans in her own right. She was a great addition to this already established song and made it that much better.

Beg // Jack & Jack

The pair originally got their start making videos on YouTube and have been building their fanbase ever since. They explored their talents with both comedic videos and music videos, and in the end, music is the career they landed on. Beg is the Jacks’ most streamed song on Spotify, despite it being their newest release.

This Was a Home Once // Bad Suns

I have two favorite bands of all time, and Bad Suns is one of them. I have seen them live on five occasions, each time was better than the last. The energy that this group radiates is contagious and with This Was a Home Once being their most recent release, I am listening to it nonstop until I am given a new album of theirs to enjoy.

Dive // Coast Modern

A unique tone and breezy vibe, Coast Modern, is strictly meant to be taken in with a cocktail in hand, in the sun with friends—AKA great summertime music. The duo from Los Angeles released their debut album in 2017, and I am already anxious for the coming of their sophomore album. Dive is just one of my many favorite songs from their first album, so be sure to check out the rest.

I am inspired each week to find more and more music to add to this list, and I look forward to what I will come across in the weeks to come. Enjoy this wonderful Saturday, Cleveland!