Ok, Cleveland—after a devastating, but mostly expected loss by the Cavs in the NBA finals this weekend, I have a supply of songs sure to brighten this weekend. My picks, similar to last week, are bright, and will make great additions to your summer playlists.

Sit Next to Me // Foster the People

Foster the people, a versatile indie rock trio, bring you their latest hit, Sit Next to Me. This single has an incredibly different vibe than the one that put them on the map—Pumped Up Kicks. The 2018 single is much more dance friendly than the 2011 mega-hit, hitting the scene just in time for the warm, late night parties of the summer.

Good Together // SHY Martin

A Grammy nominated artist that you have likely never heard of, SHY Martin, released this single in 2017, but I only stumbled upon it this week. Good Togetherwas a lucky find, after hours of digging through Spotify’s best kept secrets. After her collaborations with The Chainsmokers, Ellie Goulding and Bebe Rexha, she banched out on her own to create a name for herself in the pop genre. She is newly starting her solo career, so for now check out her few singles released in the last year, and patiently wait for an album.

Longer Than I Thought // Loote, Joe Jonas

I am still a Jonas Brothers fan after all these years, that will never change, and I was thrilled to see another new release by one of my three favorite boys. Joe Jonas teams up with Loote, a pop duo from New York, to create the earworm, Longer Than I thought. I was singing the chorus of this song in my head ALL day before even hearing it a second time. It will stick with you, but in the best way.

Love Lies // Khalid, Normani

Khalid could sing my grocery list and I would probably add it to every playlist I make from here on out… his voice is that good. Captivating really. The beautiful blend of his tone with former Fifth Harmony vocalist, Normani, is the ideal pairing on Love Lies. With this being her first breakout hit since the fivesome of girls split this year, she proves the others were just holding her back.

Chasing Fire // Lauv

Lauv… his music is slightly cheesy, I will give you that, but this singer/songwriter/producer from New York has completely come of out left field with some of my favorite catchy songs. I had not heard of him until a couple of months ago, and now he might be one of my favorite summer voices. Autotuned and a little over produced? Maybe. But I just cannot resist him, and neither should you. Chasing Fire is my favorite so far, but check out his newly released album,I Met You When I Was 18, and decide for yourself.

Go ahead and listen to this mini playlist as you worry about Lebron’s potential departure; I’ll be doing it too. I am more and more excited to share with you the gems I brush off as I go through Spotify each week. Stay tuned for more next week and have a great rest of your weekend!