Well if you’ve been sitting around wondering where to spend your tax refund check leave it to Zombie to give his fans a killer choice. You can now pre-order this 15 disc set. It’s a limited edition set for only 1000 copies to be made. With surprising extras like the Bela Lugosi cult film, classic Phantom Creeps inspired Creeper mask. Styled in the 1970’s Ben Cooper style. You get 11 albums loaded with tons of hits and some live recordings all on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl. If you’re the kind of collector that will not want to open the albums you also get digital copies loaded on a Creeper flash drive. The box artwork it comes in is heavily inspired by classic spook show artwork and ballyhoo. The set will be shipping at the end of March and is set for pre-order now. It runs $420.00 and some may scoff at the price but compared to Gene Simmons $10,000.00 vault box set it seems like a bargain. You can get yours at the link below.

Limited Edition Vinyl Box Available for Pre-order Now – Out 3/30/18
The LIMITED EDITION, NUMBERED, SIGNED ROB ZOMBIE VINYL BOX, is a 15 disc, 180-gram heavyweight vinyl box set featuring awesome shit including:
• Creeper Robot Mask – ‘70s Halloween-style hand-painted mask
• 11 albums on 180-gram audiophile black vinyl (15 discs total):
• ASTRO-CREEP: 2000 LIVE: 1-LP (Brand New Release) – Recorded at Riot Fest in September 2016, first time Rob has performed the essential White Zombie album front-to-back live
• HELLBILLY DELUXE: 1-LP (First time on audiophile black vinyl since 1998)
• AMERICAN MADE MUSIC TO STRIP BY: 2-LP (First time on vinyl since 1999)
• THE SINISTER URGE: 1-LP (First time on audiophile black vinyl since 2001)
• EDUCATED HORSES: 1-LP (First time ever on audiophile black vinyl)
• ZOMBIE LIVE: 2-LP (First time ever on vinyl)
• HELLBILLY DELUXE 2: 1-LP (First time on vinyl since 2010)
• MONDO SEX HEAD: 2-LP (First time ever on 180g black vinyl)
• VENOMOUS RAT REGENERATION VENDOR: 1-LP (First time ever on 180g black vinyl)
• SPOOKSHOW INTERNATIONAL LIVE: 2-LP (First time ever on 180g black vinyl)
• Creeper Robot 8gb USB stick – All albums included as uncompressed 44.1kHz 16-bit digital audio files for your personal use only
• Custom box designed by Rob Zombie
• Each box will be foil-stamp numbered
• 5 collectable lithos designed by Rob Zombie and Hartman – 1 Litho will be signed by Rob Zombie
• Turntable mat designed by Rob Zombie
• Micro-fiber vinyl cleaning cloth designed by Rob Zombie and Hartman
Pre-order yours today!