Our overall verdict "Excellent"
Production: 9/10
Lyrics: 7/10
Originality : 6/10
Vocals: 8/10
Musical Skill: 8/10
Overall Impact: 8/10

After a lineup change and a sudden hiatus, Youth In Revolt had a lot to prove with their comeback album “The Broken” which was released via Outerloop Records on Feb 17th. Tip-toeing the line between hardcore and pop punk, Youth In Revolt blurs the lines between genres by compiling a collection of songs that many old-school pop punk fanatics will thoroughly enjoy. Recently acquired vocalist Tanner Allen has been compared by many to Sleeping With Siren’s Kellin Quinn, but with an originality in his projection and his range to stand on his own. While “The Broken” may not be considered the greatest pop punk/hardcore album of all time, YIR’s catchy lyrics and ability to experiment (very successfully I might add) with their instrumentation is enough to set this album apart from your typical, overdone and overproduced albums of it’s genre.

The album stays consistent with it’s reoccurring theme of rebellion and angst, combining the familiarity of older Youth In Revolt with an added growth in both composition and lyrics. Something YIR fans might notice right away is the reappearance of 2014’s “Love Is A Liar’s Game,” but don’t expect an exact replication of this previously released hit. After some tweaking and a definite improvement on production, this version of “Love Is A Liar’s Game” will have you pressing repeat before the song comes to a close.

“Not Giving Up” and “The Broken” are catchy. I’m talking foot-tapping, head-banging, never leaving your head kind of catchy. If you’re still looking for your pop punk anthem for the year, give one of these two jams a listen. Clean vocals provided by Tanner’s impressive range layered with gritty and aggressive unclean vox gives us an older Sleeping With Sirens/Pierce The Veil feel, and are guaranteed to get you through your summer of rebellion. Evening out the album are a few acoustic ballads, proving that YIR isn’t a one-dimensional band. “Brisbane” and “Only One” will tug at your heartstrings with their love-struck lyrics and appreciated simplicity. It’s these types of songs that show YIR doesn’t need to over-do it in order to stand out.

While this album is not genre-defining by any means, it does have enough to stand out on it’s own amongst similar artists. It shows growth from a band that a lot thought would never come back, and if anything, also shows potential from a band that is definitely sticking around for a long while. You can purchase “The Broken” and check out more on Youth In Revolt at the link’s provided below. We also had a chance to chat with vocalist Tanner Allen, so make sure you catch that interview HERE.

Youth In Revolt

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