Akron Musica was the place to be Sunday night as Kent-based band Chil took the stage for their 10 Year Anniversary Event, supported by fellow Ohio locals Of Heart And Mind and Colorblind, as well as New York natives So Last Year. The night was full of new songs and old ranging across Chil’s 10-year career, reminiscing on old memories while making new ones that will forever be carried with fans after a phenomenal night.

Indie rockers Colorblind kicked off the night, setting the bar high with their emotionally-driven lyrics and contagious energy. They did an excellent job at getting the crowd warmed up and pulling them in towards the stage. So Last Year continued to push things forward, feeding not only off of the energy from the fans but from one another as well. A spot-on cover of Mayday Parade’s “Jamie All Over” had the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs to a familiar favorite that everyone could enjoy. SLY even took a moment out of their set to let fans know that they were not alone, and that if they were struggling in any way, it was okay to ask for help. The encouragement on such important topics was nice to hear, and didn’t slow down their set in the slightest.

Of Heart And Mind took things up another notch, being one of those bands that are so charismatic you can’t help but love them. Their engagement with the crowd both during songs and in between kept the crowd alive and the energy high. Catchy lyrics and intricate instrumentation kept fans on their feet throughout the duration of their set, making sure everyone was more than ready to go as Chil took the stage next!

There was no hesitation as Chil came out swinging, fans immediately crowding the stage as they pushed their way toward the front. The energy was through the roof from the start, the band making excellent use of the stage while engaging with fans in the crowd. Their set list flowed very smoothly between current jams and familiar favorites, even tossing in a cover of “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd that everyone was quick to jump in and sing along with. Vocalist/Guitarist Nick Batton chimed in between songs, discussing everything from their humble beginnings to their appreciation for the fans in front of them. It was obvious that even after 10 years of being rockstars, these guys still had major appreciation for their fan-base and everyone who has supported them over the past decade. Fans returned the appreciation, cheering for an encore even before the band had a chance to completely leave the stage. Chil complied, finishing their set with just as much energy and enthusiasm as they had started with.

Overall the night was one for the books, with each band bringing something genuine to the table while opening the floor for the bands that followed. From the sound tech to the Musica Staff, the fans to the bands themselves, the 10 Year Anniversary Event was a night that many won’t soon forget. I strongly encourage you to check out each bands’ social media pages below, and be sure to catch them at their upcoming shows!

Of Heart And Mind
So Last Year