San Diego based, post-hardcore band Pierce The Veil just released their fourth studio album Misadventures on May 13th.  Their new single “Circles” already has over 1.2 million views on YouTube and is starting to climb on the charts.

The band will be playing their new album in its entirety when they make a stop in Cleveland at the House of Blues on June 12th.  I The Mighty and Movements will open the show.

Bassist Jamie Preciado chatted with NEO Music Scene to talk about the new album and their appearance at the House of Blues.

Greg Drugan:   Hi Jamie.  Your tour starts in a couple of days; how have rehearsals been going?

Jamie Preciado:  It’s been good.  It is a little crazy because we haven’t toured in so long; so we have to get our minds back in the game.  But it’s been really exciting to finally have our new record out.

GD:  You just released your newest album Misadventures a couple of weeks ago.  I think it’s your strongest album to date.  Why did you guys decide to play the album from start to finish on this tour?

JP:  Yeah, it was one of those things where we wanted to do something different and special just because this record took so much to finish.  We put so much into this album and we wanted to do something special and celebrate it in a cool way.  We thought “Let’s play this record in its entirety!”  I know that’s usually reserved for bands that have been around for a long time and have that one record that stands out.  There are not a lot of bands doing this kind of stuff (today).  We thought back to the ‘70s when a Led Zeppelin put out a new record, that’s what they did; they played their new record (live).  That’s just how it used to be so we thought: “Why not?”  We’ll play smaller rooms and intimate venues and we will see if it works.  I’m pretty sure the entire tour is already sold out, so that for us is huge!  I think it’s going to be a great time for us and the fans that have been patiently waiting for that record.

GDAre you going to start with the first track and go through the whole album; or play a couple earlier songs then get into the album a little later?

JP:  We are playing it just like the record.  We are starting with track one and go all the way through.  We aren’t just going to play it; we have a bunch of fun stuff in between.  We are really going to make it a show.  It’s not just a full Pierce The Veil show; it’s Pierce The Veil playing this new record that they worked so hard on.  I think that it’s something that the kids are hopefully going to remember for a long time.

GD:   What is your favorite song on Misadventures?

JP:  Oh man; you got me today!   It changes daily for me.  I think the record is so diverse and we have so many different songs.  But one of my favorites is track number four called “Floral & Fading.”  It turns into this really driving mellow song that I just fell in love with. We really haven’t done anything like that before so having that outside of the box track early on the album shows that we were willing to take a chance, take a risk and do something different.

GD:   That’s awesome.   I heard that you are into Foley; (which is the reproduction of everyday sounds for film) how did you get interested in that and can we expect to experience this on the upcoming tour?

JP:  I’ve been in the audio world for a really long time and I respect that world.  I think that it’s good to have someone in the band that knows and understands that side of things.  For the upcoming tours; I think that there’s going to be a lot of cool stuff going on; in between the songs, during the songs.  We’ve always been one of those bands who doesn’t just play the songs and go home.  We try to put on a show.  When we were growing up and going to shows; they added all of these production elements to make it memorable.  We are at that point where we control every aspect of our band.  Everything goes through us now; which is really cool and a really good feeling to have.  If we wanted to have a giant dinosaur on stage we could probably figure something out.

GDSo that kind of stuff you are going to do is going to enhance the show.  Sometimes when bands do that it distracts from the music but you guys are all musicians so I’m sure it will enhance it.

JP:  Yeah, 100%!  Everything is going to be done for a reason.  It has to be cohesive; it’s not just party tricks with gags.  It is well thought out.  There is always a game plan and we take that stuff seriously.

GDI also read that you are very close to getting your pilot’s license.  Will you be like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and actually fly your band from place to place?

JP:  I am!  I know, right?  I’ve gotten positive and negative reviews on that.  Every time a band gets into an airplane; it doesn’t work out too hot.  We have to figure out exactly what I’m going to do.  For right now, it’s more for leisure.  It’s always been one of my long time goals to get it (license).  With the tour starting, I have to put it on hold.  When I have a little bit of time, I’m going to take it and get it done.  I live in San Diego and traveling up to LA would be so much easier.

GD:  I last saw you guys play at the AP Music Awards last year in Cleveland.  Are you guys planning to make an appearance this year at the AP Awards Show?

JP:  We are going to make an appearance.  We aren’t playing; but we are going to be there and we are going to do some fun stuff.  I know we will be there and we will be wearing our Sunday best, as they say!

GDYou are a well rounded musician; what is your favorite instrument to play?

JP:   I love playing acoustic guitar.  I think that’s one instrument that I really fell in love with.  I started out with trumpet in band.  But my uncle gave a really old, beat up classical guitar.  I learned to play all of those songs you learn how to play.  I didn’t have an amp or distortion; I just had this classical guitar.  I started playing Santana and stuff; and it was so hard for me because classical guitars don’t have a lot of frets and it doesn’t go very high, so it was a struggle to play anything high up.  I have a really sweet Baby Taylor miniature.  It’s super small and it reminds me of my first guitar and it’s really cool.

GD:  You mentioned Santana; who were some of your musical influences growing up?

JP:  Oh, man!  There is  a big range.  My family wasn’t a musical family; they kinda did their own thing and didn’t really play any instruments.  My family is Hispanic and listening to that Latin music was always a big thing in my house.  Then I kinda branched out and listened to that punk rock stuff like NOFX.  Then more metal stuff and it really just grew and grew.  I just respected music and I tried to figure out, especially coming from that audio world, how they made it.  That was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger; trying to figure out how they made that song.  What did they use for it, what amps, what guitars?

GD:  Who was the first band you saw live in concert?

JP:  I do remember my first concert, it was Korn with I believe Papa Roach and it was by accident.  My aunt got me tickets because she won this radio contest and she got these insane tickets.  It was probably one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen.  This is me coming from not even knowing what a show was.  They had full production and stuff.

GDYou are going to be playing a sold-out show at the House of Blues here in Cleveland.  What can your fans expect from this show?

JP:  We are going to pack as much punch in those rooms as much as we can or what they will allow us!  It will be a fun night because we have never played these new songs live.

GD:  That’s great.  Like you said, this show is already sold out and those tickets sold out pretty quick, which is awesome.

JP:  Yeah, we are really excited.  It’s really a good feeling because we put tickets on sale before the record was even released.  It was a nice feeling to have; that the fans wanted to see the band before they even heard the record.

GD:  Right!  Now you have two other bands opening for you as well, correct?

JP:  Yeah, we have full control and we try to pick our bands.  There’s a band called Movements that’s an up and coming band that’s really cool.  They are super-amazing.  Then we have I The Mighty who’s a band that I’ve been really pushing for.  They’re a four-piece like us, but the kids need to check them out, it will be good stuff!

GDThank you so much for your time.  I look forward to seeing you guys next weekend; best of luck to you on the tour!

JP:  Thanks so much, man!  See you next week!


Pierce The Veil will be playing a sold-out show at the House of Blues on June 12th.  For more information about the band and their new album Misadventures; go to

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