Pierce The Veil, an indie punk band from San Diego played to a sold-out audience at the House of Blues on June 12th.

After several treks on the Vans Warped Tour and an impressive set at last years’ AP Music Awards; the band has worked hard to gain a very loyal fan base.

Those fans, comprised mostly of millennials, turned out in full force on Sunday.  One young concert attendee named Savanna made the two plus hour drive from Columbus to see her favorite band.  To assure her spot front and center, Savanna was the first person in line at 8 am for the 7:30 pm show.

Now that’s dedication.

And Pierce The Veil did not disappoint.

These guys know how to put on a great rock show!  It’s as if I was transported back to the 1980s watching a Poison, Motley Crue or Bon Jovi concert; there were confetti cannons, fog machines and the light show was fantastic!  Heck, even lead singer Vic Fuentes’ guitar pays homage to Eddie Van Halen’s Ibanez Destroyer that was on the cover of Van Halen’s 1980 album Women and Children First.

Typically when a band is out promoting a new record, they might play 3 or 4 new songs and then go back to older material that is more familiar.  According to bassist Jamie Preciado, the band wanted to “do something special” for the fans and they decided to play the new album Misadventures, from start to finish.

Early in the show, Vic Fuentes told the crowd that they were going to play “the slow songs and the fast songs, the good songs and the bad songs” from that album.  Judging from the response from the audience, there were no bad songs as most of them knew every word to every song.

The song that got the biggest response from the crowd was “Circles.”  Fuentes noted that the band just shot a music video for the song and it is also their first song that has gotten airplay on mainstream radio.

As promised, the album was played from track one to track eleven with the only deviation being a solo acoustic version of “Today I Saw the Whole World” by Vic.

The energy from this band is something that I haven’t seen from a younger band in quite a while.  Jumping around, call and response, and an occasional shout of “Cleeevlaaand!!” kept the crowd entertained throughout the evening.

Their musicianship is great and the boys are clearly having a fun time on stage.   One minor thing that they could improve upon would be spending less time between songs.  Sometimes there was over a minute of silence from the stage before they would play or introduce the next song.

After the first set was complete, the band returned to the stage to end the show with two PTV classics: “Bulls in the Bronx” and “King for a Day,” much to the delight of the fans.

Younger bands should follow the example of Pierce The Veil on what a great rock and roll show should look and sound like, because those guys nailed it.

I know that they have gained at least one new fan and I will check them out again the next time they come to town.

Opening the show were two up and coming bands: Movements, and I The Mighty.  The latter played a great set of indie-rock tunes.  They mentioned that they will be on a headlining tour in the fall, so be on the look-out for them.

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Greg Drugan has been attending concerts since 1982 and has seen everyone from AC/DC to ZZ Top. Classic rock is his forte, but he is also well versed in alternative and pop music. When not attending concerts, Greg can be found teaching history, psychology and the history of rock n roll at a rural high school where he also serves as the head track coach. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with his family.