Olympic gold medalist and cancer survivor, Scott Hamilton brought his 18th Annual Scott Hamilton and Friends show to Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday night.   Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Peter Cetera provided the live soundtrack while Hamilton’s skating friends showcased their skills on the ice.  The proceeds for this show went to The Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center.

The show began with Hamilton appearing at center ice, and welcoming everyone to the event.  He asked those in attendance to “light this place up” by cracking the yellow glow-sticks that were placed on every seat.  Two opera singers opened the show by singing “The Prayer” and then gave way to Peter Cetera and his band.

This unique setup has a stage at one end of the arena, while the rest of the floor is ice where the skaters can perform.  While Cetera is performing, you are also entertained by world class skaters that included Elvis Stojko, Steven Cousins and Katia Gordeeva.  It really is a thrill for the senses.

Cetera, who fronted Chicago for many years and has had a successful solo career, still has an incredible voice.  The 73 year old and his great backing band went through most of the hits in his catalog.  He opened with his number one hit “Restless Heart” and segued into the Chicago hit “Baby What A Big Surprise.”

Before playing “Glory Of Love,” Cetera noted that the song was originally slated for the Rocky IV Soundtrack but Sylvester Stallone rejected it.  He said the producers of The Karate Kid II then swooped in and took it for their movie.  Cetera quipped “Screw Stallone, that song went to number one!”

While Cetera was on stage, the skaters were also putting on quite a show.  Some beautiful ice dancing was performed as well as some incredible jumps, spins, choctaws and backflips that were executed with style and grace.

Half way through the show, Hamilton came out and reminded everyone why they were in attendance.  He asked everyone who was a cancer survivor to wave their glow sticks so we could have a visual representation of how many people were affected by cancer.  At least half of the audience waved their sticks and it was an incredible site to see.  A short video was played to inform the audience what was going on at the Taussig Cancer Center and how funds were still needed for more research.

The second half of the show saw more incredible performances by the skaters and more hits being played by Cetera such as “Next Time I Fall,” “Love Me Tomorrow” and “Hard To Say I’m Sorry.”

At the end of the show, Cetera finally picked up his bass and tore into some older Chicago hits like “I’m A Man” and the show closing “25 or 6 to 4.”

It was truly a great evening of entertainment that went to a very worthwhile cause.


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