Swedish progressive metal band, Opeth played an inspired set at the beautiful Goodyear Theater on October 8th.

The band is out supporting their album Sorceress which was recently released.  It is the 12th studio album from the Stockholm based band that formed in 1989.

Led by singer/guitarist Mikekel Akerfeldt, Opeth opened the show with the title track from their new album then  segued into “Ghost of Perdition.”  Those two songs lasted over 17 minutes  which had the audience in prog-rock heaven.

Akerfeldt then told the crowd that he was happy to be back in Akron.  He said that the band actually started their tour in Akron but they just played to an empty theater, implying that they rehearsed here for the upcoming tour.  He then complimented the city for it’s good record shops and places for drinking copious amounts of beer.

They then launched into “Demon of the Fall” which had the stage bathed in blue LED lights.

Opeth is a very melodic band that has a few tunes that sound very Pink Floyd-ish, while other songs have a rougher edge.  Akerfeldt’s voice can also switch from sounding similar to Layne Staley from Alice in Chains to going into a deep guttural tone.

The highlight of the show was “Face of Melinda” which starts out as a beautiful ballad then really rocks out at the end.

The band kept their long time fans happy by playing at least one song from 10 of their previous 11 albums including “In My Time of Need,” ” The Drapery Falls” and “Hex Omega.”

Ending the show with the 13-minute opus “Deliverance”  Opeth had their fans leaving the venue happily filled with progressive metal in their heads.

Opening the show was The Sword, a quartet based out of Texas that played a nice 35 minute set.

The band has a heavy rock sound that would have fit right in with many bands from the early ’70s like Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath.  If you are a fan of those bands, The Sword is worth checking out.

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