Odesza kicked off the summer concert season with their A Moment Apart tour at Jacob’s Pavilion at Nautica. The production duo made of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight who met during their time at Western Washington University.

The show had two opening acts before the crowd could finally see their favorite Odesza tracks come to life on stage.

Pluko, an up and coming producer and DJ from Pennsylvania, kicked off the night with his bass-heavy style. He had incredible energy, and while the seats certainly were not filled by the time he took the stage, those who were there had an absolute blast and became quick fans of Pluko.

Kimbra was the second and final opening act before Odesza took the stage. Kimbra brought her talents to us all the way from New Zealand, and the crowd loved her quirky style. Kimbra is completely playful and fun on stage and her light pop music made for a great juxtaposition compared to Odesza’s EDM intensity.

Those at Jacob’s Pavilion certainly got to hear a unique mix of music between the three performers that took the stage Friday night.

The fans came for a good time and wanted to kick off the Jacob’s Pavilion concert season with a bang. Many attended this show in what I considered to be full Coachella outfits; glitter was everywhere, tie dye plastered on just about every article of clothing, and even on a chilly night, the fans dressed like it was the middle of August.

Once the sun had gone down and the party could truly begin, Odesza enters the stage with a drum line, which was completely mesmerizing. The drum line remained on stage for the first song, and then once they left, it was truly all about the EDM duo.

Funky colored lights filled the pavilion and fog reached into the audience. The effects on top of the already eye-catching performance absolutely brought the energy in the crowd to another level. The performance was best viewed as a whole instead of attempting to focus on one aspect.

The two bounced energies off of each other the entire time and had great chemistry. They are not at all just producers, they are truly performers, and fans were clearly just happy to be there to witness it.

Odesza still has many tour dates remaining on this leg, but there will not be any other stops near Cleveland unless they announce another North American leg. Those at Jacob’s Pavilion on Friday night were truly lucky to see Odesza when they got the chance.