Christian hip-hop artist NF is known for being honest. In fact, his ability to be real through his music is what attracts his audience. NF’s newest music video for his song “Therapy Session” however is in a category all on its own.

This is one of very few Christian music videos to have a trigger warning at the beginning of its opening scenes. For good reason too. The video is, there is no other word for it, raw. The emotion that flows through his lyrics are now represented visually. Meaning, that all of the fear, anger, depression, and other range of emotions are now put in a way a viewer cannot ignore. For example the opening scene finds NF sitting next to a young man who is slitting his wrists. The next scene finds the rapper in a therapy session talking through the reasoning for the song. The blunt honesty and the grim details make for a compelling, yet troubling watch.

There are many moments when the video can be difficult for some to watch, and even harder to take in, but it is done in such an artful way that the message gets across. Like NF’s music, this video is honest and unfiltered. It deals with real problems and issues that he has found his fans deal with, which is why it is, in every sense of the word perfect. With all of this emotion, the backstories, and the pain physically represented, the viewer is forced to not only look at those around them, but also at themselves. In any art form, but rap particularly, this is a monumental task and NF has accomplished this. It is impossible to walk away without feeling something, which is the goal.

Is this video for everyone? No, not at all. In fact I would caution younger children, or people with a history of self harm or abuse from watching it without understanding that nothing is sugar coated.

Is it a video that has a message, theme, and at some point should be seen by everyone?


NF’s Therapy Session Music Video can be viewed in full here:

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Egypt Ali has been involved in the music scene since age 7. She has been everything from an attendee to a musician herself. Her passion in music lies in hard rock scene, but she is quite familiar with contemporary christian music and alternative music. When not attending concerts or playing them, Egypt focuses time on Spoken Word Poetry, playing one of 19 instruments, or building guitars. In her spare time, she teaches drum lessons, writes short stories and hosts shows.