Popular Christian contemporary band The Newsboys have announced a brand new single is in the works with a very special guest. The band has announced that they will be releasing a brand new single entitled The Cross Has the Final Word on June 23rd. While current Newsboys fans will be thrilled at the idea of new music, classic Newsboys lovers will be ecstatic as to the guest vocalist.

The band’s former front man, Peter Furler, is confirmed to be joining in on the new track.

            Peter Furler was one of the founding members of the Newsboys when they formed in Australia in 1985. Writing hits such as Take Me To Your Leader and Not Ashamed, Furler left his mark on the band’s legacy through his song writing. Peter stepped down from the band in 2009 in order to pursue a solo career. From his project he went on to play drums with Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil. However, fans in Columbus were treated to a guest appearance by him during The Newsboys’ Love Riot tour date in the city.

            The announcement was made via the band’s social media accounts along with the artwork for the project.

            The Cross Has the Final Word will make its radio debut June 23rd.

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