Being one of, if not the first ‘virtual hip hop band’, Gorillaz know how to capture all of the aesthetic parts of our souls. With more of a dreamy poetic feel to it rather than their typical angsty music, we were absolutely surprised. Check out ‘Humility’ featuring Jack Black for your daily calm pop vibe.

With unique sound and intense talent, GHOST has us on our toes with their newest album Prequelle that was released today. Very obviously shown ‘Faith’ shows through as one of the strongest singles on the album, although it was even hard to crop it down to just that one song. This single will leave you haunted with pure envy and an inevitable thirst for the rest of Prequelle.

With this single being off of Kanye West’s eight solo album, its very obvious fans were excited. Although we can’t say we’re too thrilled that the album only has seven tracks on it, ‘Yikes’ definitely shows a wide variety of emotion and change throughout the song. You can check out this track and the rest of the album released today via Apple Music, Spotify, or Youtube.