New Column: New Music Friday


Happy Friday Cleveland! My name is Sarah Capri, a second year Journalism and Communications student at Cleveland State University, and I am the newest content creator for NEO Music Scene. I am thrilled to start my weekly column, New Music Friday, which is based on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. This playlist is where I find the very best new releases from all genres each week and share them with Cleveland music enthusiasts.

My first installment of this weekly column came with the opportunity to report on a new Justin Timberlake single…finally. Enjoy this week’s top New Releases, according to yours truly, and be sure to add them to your playlists for this cold weekend.


Filthy // Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake’s first single since ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ from the Trolls movie soundtrack, ‘Filthy’ is quite a bit different from anything we have heard from the singer in recent years. Timberlake teased his new album with this catchy single that gives me major hip hop and club vibes. The singer has not released an independent album since ‘The 20/20 Experience’ in 2013 and his return is highly anticipated.

All The Stars // Kendrick Lamar, SZA
‘Black Panther’ is Marvel’s latest superhero movie and Kendrick Lamar and SZA have released the rap single, ‘All The Stars,’ that will lead the soundtrack. Just like Timberlake, Lamar and SZA are sure to have their film-credited song all over the radio and in theaters soon enough. SZA has just recently hit the scene with her own music and a collaboration with Maroon 5 and her momentum is not slowing down.


God Save Our Young Blood // BORNS, Lana Del Rey
Two of the greatest indie artists have come together to give us magic. ‘God Save Our Young Blood’ is a beautiful combination of BORNS airy voice and Lana Del Rey’s old-school sultry tones. The two have given us many hits in the past, and with their audiences typically filled with the same faces, the collaboration feels like a natural step, and fans are sure to love it. BORNS will be in Cleveland in February, so if this song appeals to you, hear it live at Agora Theater and Ballroom.

Red Cold River // Breaking Benjamin
Breaking Benjamin are to release their newest album, ‘Ember,’ in the Spring of this year and ‘Red Cold River,’ a dark and more intense song, is our first glimpse of it. After first becming popular in the late 90s, Breaking Benjamin has continued to put out and album every few years even while one of the band members suffered an illness and their lead singer and guitarist left the band. ‘Ember’ should be another great album from the rock band.

If You Leave Me Now // Charlie Puth, Boyz II Men
Not a merge I thought I would ever see, ‘If You Leave Me Now’ is a single released by pop singer Charlie Puth and R&B legends, Boyz II Men. Somehow this really does work and sounds incredible; Puth sounds like he has been with the group all along. Boyz II Men will be back on the radio and on the charts with this collaboration.

Though the weather in Cleveland today is dreadful, the music from this week’s New Music Friday is anything but. What new song will you have on repeat this weekend?