NEO Music Scene had the chance to sit down and chat with Jason Wade, lead singer of the American rock band Lifehouse. After making their mainstream presence felt in 2001, Lifehouse boasts over 15 million records sold world-wide, several chart topping tracks, and millions of fans worldwide.


This summer Lifehouse will join fellow American rock band Switchfoot on the Looking for Summer Tour will cover over 30 cities spanning from coast to coast. When asked about what concert goers can expect on this run Wade chimes in that, “It’s going to be a ton of fun being out with the guys in Switchfoot. Fans can expect one really fun show.”


But what will fans hear? Old favorites? New tunes?


“Well,” Wade jokes, “we have been a band for quite sometime. The nice thing about having the number of releases that we do is that we can pick and choose from every album. There will definitely be some newer songs in there, but for our fans who have been around for a little while, we will make sure that there is something that is in there fore them as well.”


The Looking for Summer Tour will begin on July 23 in Denver Colorado and end September 10 in San Francisco Californa. Seeing that this is large amount of ground to cover Jason remarks that, “ Lifehouse has been a band for awhile now and we’ve kind of figured out our roles within the group. Though the role of comedic relief varies. We all can be pretty goofy.”


Ohio fans looking to catch a glimpse of Lifehouse on the Looking for Summer tour will have three chances to do so. Once on July 26 at Express Live in Columbus, Ohio, July 29th in Huber Heights, and August 16th in Cincinnati.

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