About eighteen months ago I shot a gig at Trinity Cathedral and, as it was a beautiful Spring Saturday evening, I decided to head down to East Fourth. Wunderkind chef Michael Symon’s Mabel’s BBQ had just opened so I thought I’d indulge in a heaping plate of brisket and potato salad. I’m a bbq junkie, but the line was about 27 days long so my deep loathing of long lines overtook my love of southern bbq. I slipped into the House of Blues restaurant next door to catch a pulled pork sandwich instead.

It was karaoke night. Ugh. Almost as bad as a batch of Friday the 13th sequels, I loathe karaoke almost as much as waiting in long lines for bbq. After this precocious eight-year old butchered a Taylor Swift tune a guy hops up on the stage, grabs the mic, and utterly slays with a tune.

My attention turned from the pulled pork; who was this? He wasn’t your average, run-of-the-mill Clevelander trying to impress his date with a badly-rendered version of “Stairway to Heaven.” This guy was the real deal: He felt comfortable with the mic in his hand, knew how to work the crowd and could carry a tune. It sounds like maybe he was a, gulp, professional singer.

As it turns out, Frankie Valli was in town that weekend with a gig at Playhouse Square. In tow was the current incarnation of The Four Seasons. It seems that karaoke guy was one-fourth of The Four Seasons.

So, of course, I introduced myself and bought him and his brother (another fourth of The Four Seasons) a beer. Couldn’t have been two nicer, down-to-earth people that have climbed onto a karaoke stage and lit up the House of Blues restaurant with a pair of golden tonsils.

Well, If you’ve seen Frankie Valli in the last fifteen years then you’ve already seen the quartet that will be playing two nights this weekend at Northfield’s Hard Rock Rocksino.

Valli’s backup singers also tour as The Modern Gentlemen. Comprised of brothers Brian and Brandon Brigham, Todd Fournier and Landon Beard, this quartet were in-demand singers prior to being put together by Frankie Valli. For almost a decade and a half, they’ve been “the real guys” providing all the background vocals and choreography alongside the rock & roll icon! So, if you’ve seen Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons in concert anywhere in the world over that time, you’ve seen these four gentlemen beside him!

Since then, they’ve developed their very own signature sound blending their modern voices together with four part, tight harmonies performing the classic hits of Pop, Rock, Jazz and Doo-Wop! They’ve toured all over the world on the biggest stages from Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra, to two stints on Broadway, Asia, Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

This weekend, they’ll bring their signature harmonies to the 216 with two performances at Club Velvet at Northfield’s Hard Rock Rocksino.

For tickets and more information to this weekend’s shows, please click here.