Metalcore Veterans Memphis May Fire are set to release their album “This Light I Hold” on October 28th via Rise Records. The highly anticipated album features 13 tracks containing everything from mosh-worthy headbangers to softer emotion-driven melodies, rounding out what is to be one of MMF’s best albums to date.

The album kicks off heavy with ‘Out Of It’, diving right into the unclean vocals with no sight of clean vox until about a minute and a half into the song. It’s over 4 minutes of emotional lyrics, conveying what it’s like to be trapped inside your thoughts, unable to escape despite your best efforts. “I tell myself that everything is alright, but I can’t believe it when I know it’s a lie.”  The song takes an eerie turn halfway through, adding in a music-box like effect and emphasizing the emotion behind the song. Lyrically the song is very relatable to fans, assuring them that we all have these thoughts. That it’s okay not to be okay.

‘Carry On’, which had a lyrics video released for it about a month ago, is all about standing up for what you love despite society’s judgement. Vocalist Matty Mullins does an excellent job at portraying the varying emotions throughout the song, emphasizing it’s meaning throughout.

In anticipation of the upcoming release, MMF released the track ‘Wanting More’ on October 26th, which can be found on Rise Records Youtube page, here:

The song starts off as what some would call “radio-safe” or “cookie cutter metalcore” which might be a turn-off to the harder MMF fans. However, I encourage you to continue listening to the track as it instantly transforms into the familiar Memphis May Fire with an added kick of, well, fire.

‘The Enemy’ is all about the fight, with guitar riffs that come out swinging. The lyrics layered over the hard hitting, in-your-face instrumentals are more than enough to get your adrenaline pumping.  Don’t worry, MMF was gracious enough to give you a breather during the song, but be prepared to pick things back up and end the fight on top.

For fans of the softer side of Memphis May Fire, ‘That’s Just Life’ is right up your alley. It’s a sound far different from the rest of the album, and heavier fans may not find this to be their favorite track as it consists of completely clean vocals.

Overall, “This Light I Hold” has shaped up to not only meet MMF expectations, but exceed them. The album comes out October 28th, and is available for order here:


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