You know something is special when it can be heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time.  Such is the case of the following cover of Heaven – the hit song by Warrant. Warrant frontman and NEO Ohio native Jani Lane passed in 2011 and his daughter, Maddi Lane has covered the hit in honor of her late father.  The result is breath-taking.

Maddi posted the following message along with the rough cut of the track.

“This is a tribute to my dad, Jani Lane, from the band Warrant. This song was a classic and I decided to sing a cover for it. The final version will be uploaded sometime after Christmas, which will sound a little more professional, but here is what a friend and I did in a recording studio in one day (I may also be changing some of the lyrics to make it for a female).”

Check out the goose bump inducing track below

A piano, a drum track and a daughter’s love.  Can’t get much more grounded than that.