The music world stood stunned as the news of Chester Bennington‘s suicide rolled in this afternoon.

Chester Bennington, age 41, was found dead by apparent suicide in his home at 9am Thursday morning. Best known for being the lead singer in the popular rock band Linkin Park, Chester’s death added yet another tally of artists that have been claimed by the year 2017. A list that also includes Butch Trucks, one of the founder of the Allmen Brothers, and Chris Cornell of Sound Garden. All three lost to suicide.  Shortly after 9 am PST authorities were notified of a death in Palos Verdes Estates. While there is an investigation being launched into the singer’s death, the official cause has been labeled as suicide via hanging.

Stars both in and outside of the music world took to social media to express their condolences the both the other members Linkin Park and to Bennington’s family.

Chester was born March 20, 1976 and after a rough childhood found himself enveloped in a world of abuse and drugs. At age 11 he witnessed the bitter divorce of his parents and was made to live with his father. After a violent encounter with a local gang, Bennington quit drugs in 1992 and joined the band that would soon propel him into the spotlight. He and Linkin Park pioneered their niche in the industry, opening doors and the imaginations of rockers world wide.


Chester leaves behind 6 children and a loving wife

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