Just as we thought it couldn’t get any better, Jen Ledger of GRAMMY award winning band Skillet, is taking us on an enthralling, and indelible discovery of what she’s brought to the table after the last six years of working on her alluring debut EP. Her marvelous perception through her lyrics will leave you utterly astonished. As if that were the most elevated quality we’ve encountered, her defying vocals also share the superiority of how pleasurable and captivating this EP is.

The impactful technique utilized to create this distinctively chaotic, yet divine, complicated sound was triumphant in capturing every last piece of our attention. She takes prototypical memories and experiences and has made them sound identical to our feelings. On the off-side of the spectrum, I unfortunately feel that Iconic could’ve had far more potential. The flow of the song digressed quite a bit from Ledger’s impactful originality she has created for herself in this EP, and went for more of a Skillet vibe. The song definitely left me feeling open handed and not impressed to the full potential I was given throughout the rest of the songs. However, the ability Ledger obtains to authentically communicate her voice in so many styles and emotions of the situations described in these songs is truly relatable.

To say we’re pleased with this album would be a massive restraint on the value of sentiments we received when listening to the LEDGER EP. The raw intents that were hoped for have been more than overcome and absolutely attained at every angle. The guarantee and support we’ve seen over the last month for Ledger’s first obstacle as releasing a solo album will maintain above capacity, and disturb every sensation of accomplishment you possess. Mission accomplished.


Track List
1. I’m Not Dead Yet
2. Warrior featuring John Cooper
4. Foreigner
5. Ruins
6. Iconic