Every band hopes to release an album that tackles the iTunes charts and creates a positive impact with their fans. Post-hardcore band Our Last Night has done just that – all while remaining unsigned to a record label. Currently sitting at #39 on the Overall iTunes Chart, “Selective Hearing” has been on a steady climb since it’s release on June 9th. It’s also received very positive feedback from fans, all of which seem to have just one similar complaint – we want more!

OLN is known by most for their very impressive YouTube covers of hit songs such as “Heavy” originally performed by Linkin Park and a metal cover of Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of You” which quickly went viral. The guys recently surpassed the one million subscriber mark on YouTube, and that number doesn’t look to be leveling off anytime soon.

“Selective Hearing” combines both old and new OLN vibes, creating a well-balanced mixture that is sure to please a wide array of fans. Their catchy and relatable lyrics shine through once again, layered over gnarly guitar riffs and impressive instrumentals that will have you putting the album on repeat before it’s even finished.

One of my favorites from the 7-track EP is “Common Ground”, and while it is on the softer side of their sound, it definitely does not go under-appreciated. Don’t worry, it doesn’t lack screams entirely and it’s catchy chorus will have you singing along almost instantly. I’m particularly fond of the lyrics with this one, which are emphasized within the music video, which you can check out below:

“Ivory Tower” seems to be a fan-favorite among most, being one of the heavier songs on the album and bringing back that older OLN feel. A powerful and hard-hitting song, the combination of tempo, lyrics and screams all come together to produce one of the best head-bangers I’ve heard in a while. Heavier OLN fans be sure to check out this jam, as well as “Free Radicals.”

Looking for something a little softer? Perhaps something to bring out all the feels? “Caught In The Storm” is the song for you! Discussing the drifting apart of old friendships, OLN puts a positive spin on the common occurrence by making sure you know “If you walked through the door, Our world, would be just like it was before, Rewind the good times like old friends do…” I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Dropping a music video alongside “Tongue Tied” just a couple days before the EP release hyped up fans even more. It’s a simple video, but thus allows the emphasis to be on the music and the lyrics instead. It’s pretty obvious these guys are performers, and fantastic ones at that (Can we take a moment to appreciate Tim’s drumwork in this video? Holy moly!). Catch the video below:

“Selective Hearing” is available now, with a limited number of signed copies available – so get yours now! If you order the EP before June 12th, you’re also entered for a chance to be a special guest of Our Last Night at a Warped Tour date this summer (ticket not included). You can order the EP at the link below, and be sure to check out the band on all of their socials!