California alternative rockers, Irontom have just released their debut full length album Partners on May 5th.  After two successful EPs, the band was ready to expand their song base.  With the help of producer Aaron Bruno from AWOLNATION, the band has hit the mark with this new lp.  

Irontom is comprised of Zach Irons- guitar, Harry Hayes- lead vocals, Dyl Williams- drums, Daniel Saslow-keys and Dane Sandborg-bass.

Irontom is scheduled to have a busy spring.  With the release of their new album, the band has secured the opening slot on the current Red Hot Chili Peppers tour which is set to hit The Q on Saturday, May 13.

Zach Irons chatted with NEO Music Scene to discuss his band, their new album and expectations opening up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Greg Drugan:  Congratulations on your new album, it’s gonna drop tomorrow so I’m sure you are excited about that.

Zach Irons:  Yeah, we’re very excited

GD:  How is this record different than your first two EPs?  

ZI:  This one we really went in depth in the studio.  We had a really hands-on producer for this record named Aaron Bruno.  We’ve worked with some really great people but we haven’t had the chance to really dig in the studio and have them really get involved with what it is we’re doing.  It was a really great process with Aaron.

GD:  What’s your favorite track on the album?  I really like “Not In Front Of My Eyes,” that one stands out for me.

ZI:  Cool!  Thank you!  That’s one of my favorites for sure.  If I have to pick one I would say “Be Bold Like Elijah” as my favorite.

GD:  How would you describe Irontom’s sound?

ZI:  That’s a tricky one.  I would like to say it’s rock music inspired by classic rock.  We play together, we’re a band and we do like some psychedelic stuff.  

GD:  How long have you guys been together and have their been any lineup changes in the band?

ZI:  No, we’ve had the same lineup and we’ve been together since 2012.

GD:  You mentioned Aaron Bruno from AWOLNATION as your producer; how did you meet up with him?

ZI:  A mutual friend suggested that we meet and it just so happened that our lead singer, Harry ran into that mutual friend at the same time and they connected.  They started interacting over the phone via text, and then he came to a rehearsal and checked us out and then decided to take us on the road.  He became a champion for us and became our producer.

GD:  You went on tour with AWOLNATION, are you still a member of that band?

ZI:  Yeah.  Right now, we’re sort of a family.  Aaron is heavily involved with Irontom and I’m heavily involved with AWOL.  We’re all making it work right now and we have a lot of love for each other.  We’re leaving to go on tour next week and I just finished up playing on his new record, which is fantastic.

GD:  That’s great!  Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

ZI:  Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Hendrix, Bob Dylan.  I’ll put those out there first.  Really, before I started getting into those bands, I really loved the Beastie Boys and I love hip-hop too.  The later it became Radiohead and some contemporary one’s like The Arctic Monkeys and AWOLNATION too.  

GD:  Your dad is Hall of Fame drummer, Jack Irons from the Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam.  Did you start out on the drums or did you always play the guitar?

ZI:  I did start out on the drums!  I’d like to say that it’s my main instrument in a way, it’s such a natural thing.  I love playing drums so much!  

GD:  What other instruments do you play?

ZI:  Since I can play guitar, I can play the bass but I wouldn’t call myself a bass player.  I can do it because I understand how the notation works, how to hold the instrument and I know what notes are what.

GD:  Was music always something that you knew that you wanted to do as a career?

ZI:  I’ve always known that I was a musician.  There was never a time that I wondered or thought about it.  I just always was that way.  I always imagined being on stage since I saw my dad on the big stage.  I just thought that’s what being a musician was.  I didn’t even realize that you had to pay your dues and grind it out and maybe, but probably not, even get to that level.   I didn’t have any concept of any of that.  I just knew that’s what I was.  I’m very grateful and thankful that’s what’s been in store for me.

GD:  Did you ever go out on tour with your dad to see what life was like out on the road?

ZI:  My dad hadn’t been on the road for a while.  He was in Pearl Jam when I was a young kid from like 4-8.  That was the first time I had ever gone out on the road.  So I kinda grew up in my formative kid years on the road.  So it’s been in my consciousness since then.

GD:  You will be playing in Cleveland next week when you open up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers; what are your expectations for this tour?

ZI:  I just expect to enjoy it and really, really cherish the moment.  I feel accomplished that we get the opportunity to play for one of my biggest influences.  Just going out there and getting to play in front of their fans, I’ve been such a fan of their music for so long.  To get to connect to their fans and play in front of their fans is such an honor.

GD:  Is your dad going to playing at these shows too?

ZI:  Yeah!  He’s doing a solo show where he has his own drums and he’s up there alone on stage playing drums and it’s pretty rad.

GD:  Cool, that sounds great.  After this tour, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?

ZI:  More playing!  We’re gonna get out there, playing more shows with more bands and trying to get our music out there.  

GD:  I just got the album yesterday and from what I heard, I really like it.  So I will get the word out!  Zach, I appreciate your time today and I wish you nothing but success on your tour and new album. I look forward to checking you guys out next week, it should be a great show!

ZI:  Excellent, man!  I’m looking forward to it and thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

Irontom will be opening up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on May 13th at The Q.  Tickets are available at The Quicken Loans Arena Box Office and

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