New Jersey rock/hardcore band Youth In Revolt is set to drop their highly anticipated full-length album “The Broken” on Feb 17th via Outerloop Records. With a production error pushing the release date back, we caught up with vocalist Tanner Allen to ask him some questions to help hold you over until the CD drops next month!

Whitney Shoemaker: For those who may not be familiar with your band, how would you describe Youth In Revolt’s sound?

Tanner Allen: We’re a rock band with sharp edges! We push for a straight forward rock sound while adding pop and heavy aspects.

WS: You guys were quiet for a while, announcing your comeback with some lineup changes and a signing to Outerloop Records. Were you worried about how your fans would react to the changes?

TA: Not a whole lot actually! Touring for years kind of makes you stop caring about what people think, which ends up making better music in my opinion. You really find yourself and your uniqueness when you ignore all of the outside noise.

WS: Do you feel any added pressure with this album release?

TA: A little bit. We’re essentially a new band now and naturally that comes with a little bit of pressure, but this record gave us all that moment where you step back and say “Woah, this is exactly what we wanted to make”. That’s enough to give us comfort!

WS: The first two singles from the album, The Broken and Not Giving Up, have already received some very positive feedback on social media. Does that ease the nerves at all?

TA: Of course! We’ve been so happy to see that people like what we’re doing!

WS: Will The Broken be that familiar Youth In Revolt sound or did you guys choose to head in a different direction with this album?

TA: It’ll be familiar but just a little bit different! It’s like 50% old Youth In Revolt plus 25% pop and 25% straight forward rock.

WS: What was the writing process like?

TA: Crazy! We went into the studio with like 34 demo’s and condensed them all into this record, it was like having an entire book that needs to become a paragraph.

WS: Were there any songs in particular that were difficult to write, or any that you feel especially proud of?

TA: I think I’m most proud of “Alright” mainly because it’s pretty far out of the boundaries for what Youth In Revolt has done before. It’s like a straight up pop song!

WS: Is there a specific message or meaning behind the new album that you’re hoping to get across to your fans?

TA: We want this record to be a way for us to reach out to fans and let them know that they’re not alone. There is so much bad in the world today, but no matter how small our influence is, we want to make it a positive one. We all feel broken at one time or another.

WS: Looking back, is there anything about the album, or the writing and recording process that you wish you could go back and change?

TA: Not in my opinion! I’m very happy with it.

WS: You played the Outerloop Records Showcase, which happened to be your first show in a little over a year. What was is like finally getting to put yourselves back out there?

TA: It felt great! Plus it was my first show in the band. It was a cool culmination of all of the work we’ve all put in during this past year!

WS: You did a phenomenal cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Something In The Way You Move.” Who’s idea was it to cover that song?

TA: Thanks! I think me and Kenny originally…. I’m not entirely sure though! We kind of just had a pool of songs, then we sat down and thought out what would make a good cover. I’m just guessing me and Kenny though because we both love Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber haha.

WS: I think it’s awesome that you guys are letting fans vote for where they’d like to see you play on your next tour. Can we expect that tour announcement soon?

TA: Yes! I can’t say what, when, or where, but I can say yes!

WS: Any other big plans for 2017?

TA: I can’t announce anything, but again, YES! I’m stoked!

WS: Lastly, for someone who may have never heard you guys before, what one song would you suggest that they listen to?

TA: “Noise”!!! It isn’t released yet, but it’s a good mix of the things that we have to offer! Also, it’s one of my favorites on the record!

To learn more about Youth In Revolt and to pre-order “The Broken” visit the links below, and make sure you check back with NEO as I drop an album review for “The Broken” in just a few days!:

Youth In Revolt – “The Broken” Pre-Order

Youth In Revolt Facebook

Still need more to hold you over until the Feb 17th release? YIR recently dropped a lyric video for their title-track “The Broken.” Check it out!

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