NEO Music Scene Editor Jimmy Davis got to chat with Monster Jam Driver George Balhan about his truck Mohawk Warrior, His favorite music and much more!

JD: What can Fans Expect coming to Monster Jam at the Quicken Loans Arena?
GB: You know what – it really is controlled chaos, it gets all of your senses going crazy, the sound, the smell of the nitro, the feeling of the trucks when they land, it’s the visuals. It’s absolutely everything; it’s sensory overload! Overall, It’s a great family show and it’s the affordable thing to go out and do nowadays. I have a family and I know the cost of going to like a movie; it’s cheaper to catch one of our events than to see a movie when it comes out.

JD: How did you get into driving Monster Trucks?

GB: I use to race motocross, and I’ve just become friends with some of the guys that use to work with the operations department here at Monster Jam and a series of events happened in my racing background. They kind of talked me into coming in and doing a try out for a driving position, and I got it, now I’ve been doing it for eleven years now.

JD: Do you still Live in Chicago?

GB: I don’t, I actually live in Los Angeles now. Well, a small town outside of LA right on the beach. I wised up, that’s one thing I did do; I moved somewhere where it’s warm, haha!

JD: You made a smart choice cause right now it’s -6 Degrees out here in Cleveland!

GB: Is is Really? Wow! I LOVE Cleveland! I’ve come to Cleveland a few times. In fact, one of my fondest memories was when I was racing, me and my dad spent a few extra days there to visit the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and a few other places. I’m trying to talk my girlfriend into coming with me this time, I’m not sure how much time we’ll have, but because she’s into music, I think as a dear music lover it’s really something you have to see!

JD: So does your truck really have a Mohawk on top of it?

GB: It really does! People ask all the time what it’s made of, and it’s actually made of uncut broom bristles, it’s kind of fiberglassed to the truck to help let it flop around and make it look as realistic as possible.

JD: Who came up with that idea?

GB: You know what, as far as from what it was made of they came up with it years back. When I started driving I just drove an all black Cadillac Escalade. Right before I rode in the finals that week as I do every year in March in Las Vegas I decided to shave my head into a Mohawk. The finals is a two-day event there so after the first day, a bunch of my fans, when they went back to their hotels or whatever, they went and got their haircuts and showed up with Mohawks. I thought we were really onto something so I kept it for a few years, and more and more people would show up with them. So we went and talked to the people at Monster Jam and kind of created this truck and here we are! This is either the fifth or sixth year for the Mohawk Warrior. It’s just like awesome!

JD: That’s Awesome; do you still have the Mohawk?

GB: I do, I’m kind of stuck with it now!

JD: So what all goes into doing your Mohawk or how much times does it take?
GB: I enjoy my sleep so I got it down to a science…I got it down to about 5-7 minutes that I can do it; it’s just a little bit of hairspray and a little bit of blow-drying. I’ve experimented with just about every hairspray on the planet, and I found that works really great.

JD: Seeing as we cover mostly music, we have to ask who do you think is your favorite artist or musician would be?
GB: Oh man my all time favorite is Pennywise, I’m huge into Pennywise, I’m kind of more into punk rock, but I love Alice-In-Chains. I went to an Alice-In-Chains show here in California with Jane’s Addiction, and it was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too.

It was a GREAT chat with George about his journey into becoming what every little boy wants to be one day: A Monster Truck Driver!

Monster Jam flips into the Quicken Loans Arena February 13-14, 2016 for four thrilling high-adrenaline, blood-boosting, extreme-intensity performances! Tickets range from Kids $12.00(2-12) and $20.00-$60.00 a ticket, you can purchase tickets at