You all know the old expression – “mockery is the greatest form of flattery” and it seems that the adage holds especially true when it comes to Broadway plays. With great success comes great flattery and perhaps, great mockery – in the case of the mega- hit HAMILTON – that comes in the form of SPAMILTON.

This current touring production is in Cleveland as you read this – in the midst of a roughly 3 week run at Playhouse Square – the crowds are loving it and word on the street that is a must-see production.I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask a few questions of Brandon Kinley – an Ohio born talent who is currently in town with the production. Check out our conversation.

What is it that initially drew you to this production?

What drew me in… Well I was the replacement Male Swing for Spamilton in Chicago last year and I enjoyed doing the show there, so being able to do it again was definitely a big draw. I went on for every role in Chicago, so I had no problem accepting the Male Swing position again!

Tell me a little bit about the tour — how many more cities after Cleveland? Will the tour continue deep into 2019?

The tour is awesome! We’re being taken care of well and we are going to a lot of places. Some cities include: Las Vegas (WOOT WOOT!), Boston, Hartford, and Tampa! And I hope it does! I’ve heard there is a potential of extension already but that’s about it. No confirmations yet.

If you don’t mind — Can we talk a little bit about your background? What other shows have you worked on and/or toured with?

I’m still a fairly recent graduate of Wright State University. I graduated in 2017 so my experience in theatre outside of school is very limited! Right before graduating I played Terk in Tarzan at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. Then a week after graduating I booked Male Swing in Spamilton Chicago. After Spamilton I moved on to do Awaited at the Crossroads Church in Cincinnati then Jan 1st of the new year I moved to New York City. I got an agent then just auditioned and learned how to live in New York for the whole year, then got an appointment to come in for Spamilton’s First National Tour and now here I am! It is my very first tour and I am EXTREMELY excited to be able to travel the country as a hired actor.

What do you find to be the most challenging thing when touring with a production of this nature?

Since this is my first one I don’t have a long list but the one thing that comes to mind (that I’m projecting into the future) is just the constant shift from theater to theater. We will be playing different houses each time in a lot of places so being able to adapt to that new house and that new vibe will be crucial and a big challenge.

Have you ever been to Cleveland before and what are your impressions of our town?

I came once when I was young to see young Lebron James in a Cavaliers game against the Milwaukee Bucks. I don’t remember much other than see Lebron play! Haha! Other than that my impression has been very positive. I’m an Ohio native and grew up in Xenia, Ohio. So I’ve been to Cincinnati A LOT. But Cleveland is very nice. I’ve only been to the casinos, East 4th Street, and the theatre district and have loved every one of them. My favorite place so far is Colossal Cupcakes. I’m obsessed with it!!! I’ve heard a lot about Ohio City so I plan on checking that out, and I WILL go to the science center so I can fulfill my inner nerdy desires!

What is your favorite number/scene that you are a part of in SPAMILTON?

I’ll start first by saying my favorite moments from the cast which include:

Chuckie Benson singing and dancing as a “Super Top Secret Red Headed Diva”!

Ani Djidjirian singing for the gods as ALL of the “Schuyler Sisters” at the SAME TIME!

Dominic Pecikonis keeping the audience up to speed with a sense of poise and charisma in “What’d You Miss?”!

Adrian Lopez with his fast talkin’, non-stoppin’, rappin’ styles in “His Shot”!

And Datus Puryear when he slays his foe in the show and escapes on his trustee boat in “Duel”!

And I’m only in two numbers but my favorite on is when I play King George the Third and I get to educate all of the peasants on the changes happening to Broadway. I also just love getting to play a pompous, arrogant, snooty British Monarch. haha!

Tell me a little bit about the rehearsal and preparation schedule that is involved for a show of the size and scope of SPAMILTON?

Spamilton is DENSE. There are A LOT of words to say, it’s like a roller coaster throughout, and it is an extremely hard show to sing. Thankfully it’s only 75 minutes or so in length but don’t let the short time fool you because it is a NON-STOP 75 minutes. We only had two weeks to rehearse and a tech week before our first show so not a lot of time at all. But we all worked extremely hard and definitely came out with a satisfactory result in the short time we had! I’m really proud of everyone in the cast and creative team and look forward to seeing it grow with time!

As I mentioned – SPAMILTON is currently playing in Playhouse Square at the Hanna Theater and it will be doing so through Jan. 6th. If you haven’t yet made the commitment to check it out – remedy that now and CLICK HERE for available showtimes and then lock in your seats.